Statement on Bank Notes


Statement on Bank Notes which include tallow (animal fat)

by Bhaktivedanta Manor​:


We are both shocked and saddened to receive news that the Bank of England have already printed ten pound notes containing tallow. As a temple community our ethos is nonviolence. As such we stopped accepting the new five pound notes which in turn impacted the donations we depend on. Now with news of the ten pound note we will have to review our stance on banning tallow notes. We now find ourselves having to choose between compromising our core religious principles and spiritual values or suffering significant financial losses.
We fail to see how in this day and age a public service provider could allow this to not only continue but to become significantly more harmful.  

We do welcome the Bank’s planned consultation and understand that the costs of correcting the oversight are deemed unacceptable. Currency must be acceptable to all, therefore there is no question, it must be free from animal products.





Published onFriday, February 17th, 2017

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