Manor devotees “great Europeans”

Recent News linking Bhaktivedanta Manor to the European continent:


European Leaders Meeting

Members of Bhaktivedanta Manor’s Temple Council joined 70 other ISKCON leaders for the recent European Leaders Meeting at the Simhacalam Temple and farm community in Bavaria, Germany.

Themes for the two-day conference included Sustainability, Social Development and Education, Farm and Eco-Village development, and Europe-wide Spiritual Tourism.

Feeding the 5000 reaches Paris

Supermarkets generally discard fruit and vegetables that are over-produced, with an unusual size or shape. The Feed the 5000 project brings attention to this waste by using such perfectly edible food to cook and distribute free meals to the public. Starting in London, the project took a European flavour when Canal Plus, a French TV Channel, sponsored the first ever Feed the 5000 in Paris.

“Despite the heavy rain 5,500 people were served delicious prasad (sanctified food),” explained Food for All Director Parasuram das. “5 Television crews came to interview us. It was a great opportunity to speak about vegetarianism, food economics and spiritual solutions to the French public.”

Links between Radhadesh and Krishna Avanti School

Lalita Shakhi dasi began to study at Bhaktivedanta College in Radhadesh right after graduating from high-school, resulting in a Bachelor degree in Theology and Religious Studies awarded University of Chester.

“Bhaktivedanta College has shaped my life in so many different ways,” she explained. “Academically, mentally, emotionally and most importantly spiritually. I am now working at the Krishna Avanti School and it is a wonderful place to be. I could not have asked for better. I actually love my job!”

A European Spiritual Cruise

In past years Bhakti Charu Maharaja had arranged Spiritual Retreats before but this year something more dynamic was organised: For the first time in ISKCON, a Retreat was held on board a Cruise Ship.

When Radhanatha Maharaja Sacinandana Maharaja, Candramauli Maharaja, Bhakti Purusottama Maharaja, Mother Malati and Yadubara das heard about the venture they also climbed aboard. 250 devotees from South Africa, America, India, Dubai, Singapore, Europe and UK took part.

The ship left Southampton in August and sailed around the coast of western Europe for 8 days, stopping at towns to perform huge harinamas (processions), including Amsterdam, La Coruna and Bilbao in Spain and La Rochelle in France.

In La Rochelle the Mayor attended, along with TV and radio stations covered the event. One local man commented, “I don’t know what you are singing but it is giving me so much peace in my mind. Please come every month to our town and sing and dance here for us.”


Hungarian Ambassador

Following His Excellency the Ambassador of Hungary Mr  János Csák help to clarify matters in regard to the Church Status of the Hungarian Society for Krishna Consciousness, he promised to visit Bhaktivedanta Manor.  In October we were honoured to arrange his visit to the BAPS Mandir in Neasden and then both a tour and lunch at the Manor.

That evening the Ambassador hosted a special dinner in honour of Maharani dasi the head of the Bhaktivedanta College in Budhapest. The dinner was attended by MP’s and leading members of the Hindu community.



Published onTuesday, October 23rd, 2012

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