New planning framework

Bhaktivedanta Manor Welcomes Council’s New Planning Framework

Hertsmere Borough Council has recognised the special circumstances of the
Bhaktivedanta Manor by adopting a Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) for the site that will guide any future planning applications. The Manor has welcomed this decision. It means any future development will happen in a managed and sustainable way that recognises both the special circumstances of the Manor and the needs of the local community as a whole.

Gauri das, a spokesperson for the Bhaktivedanta Manor, said:

“The Council has recognised the difficult circumstances we face here at the Manor, where our temple of worship and other facilities are severely over-crowded. This decision means we can make plans to improve our facilities in a way that is sensitive to our rural setting and the Grade II listed status of the Manor itself. We are grateful to the Council for the work that has gone into this and to the local community who took part in the consultation process.”

The SPD is not a planning permission. It simply sets the framework within which future planning applications would be considered.

The Planning Brief will not lead to any intensification of use at the site. Any future development would simply be designed to meet current demand from the community and relieve pressures on the Temple and its accommodation. It would result in no additional parking and no overall increase in traffic. Any new building on the site would need to be predominantly single storey and of high quality design.

Published onThursday, December 13th, 2012

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