Winter Book Marathon

The Winter Book marathon is a special time of the year, and I always feel blessed and fortunate to have some participation in it. Last month there was street distribution all across the country – from Exeter to Enfield and from Wigan to Winchester. We even had a team distributing books across Ireland! Many devotees went out on the Saturday Weekend Warrior programs. Some went out on door-to-door in the evenings – we even managed to place books in some local hotels! Bhagavad-gita sponsorship was going on throughout the month, and culminated in a wonderful Gita Jayanti Festival – nearly 2500 Gitas were sponsored. Over 150 congregation members took a book pack and vowed to distribute their 7 books in December.

For the pleasure of Sri Sri Radha Gokulananda, Sri Sri Sita Rama Laksman Hanuman, Sri Sri Gaura Nitai, Srila Prabhupada and all the Vaisnavas, the final scores for the Book Marathon 2012 are as follows:

32,655 books were distributed!

285 devotees participated!

Thank you to all those who took part. I pray that we continue this sacred mission of distributing books to every corner of this country, and in this way increase our offering to Srila Prabhupada… an offering that will surely make him smile.



Thank you again,

Your servant
Sutapa das

Published onThursday, January 3rd, 2013

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