Festival at Bhaktivedanta Manor


Schedule for Wednesday 20th March 2019

Morning programme

3:30 am Beginning of 24 Hour Kirtan

4:30 am Mangal Arati

5:15 am Recitation of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu Sikshastakam

7:00 am Guru Puja

8:30 am Special Class

10:20 am Continuation of 24 Hour Kirtan in the temple room

10:30 am Coaches leaving for London Harinam Kirtan

Evening Program in the Tent

3:45 pm Kirtan start

4:00 pm Words of welcome and Introduction to Gaura Purnima Festival

4:30 pm Drama by Bhaktivedanta Players

5:20 pm Abhiseka

6:15 pm 108 Bhoga offering

6:30 pm Holika bonfire Near Goshalla

7:00 pm Gaura Arati

7:30 pm Feast

Note: There will be no colours (Rang mela) at the Gaura Purnima / Holi Festival this year.