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“Chasing Rhinos with the Swami” volume 2

Thursday, January 9th, 2020

In October 1970, A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami arrived in India with twenty of his Western disciples to re-ignite the dying flames of Krishna consciousness in the land of its ancient origin. Srila Prabhupada and his young disciples were an immediate national sensation. In less than eighteen months, Prabhupada established ISKCON as a major spiritual force in India, laying the foundations for three huge temples and a dozen centers across the land.

In June 1971, Shyamasundar das became Prabhupada’s personal secretary and for the next two years traveled with him around the globe—the eye-witness to Prabhupada’s incredible achievements. Now, at last, here are Shyamasundar’s stories, with 180 photos, describing in well-researched and intimate detail this most exciting episode in Prabhupada’s amazing journey.

Words from the Author:

“You’ve waited a long time for Volume Two, but I wanted to make it perfect for you! After years of intense research, sorting through nearly 40,000 photos,Volume Two is finally ready!

My ardent prayer is that you will relish Prabhupada’s thrilling adventures as much as I have enjoyed chronicling them for you!”



Sunday, November 24th, 2019

This year is a very special one, because it marks the 50th Anniversary of The International Society for Krishna Consciounsess (ISKCON) in the UK. In observance of this, there has already been a variety of special events.

Recently. devotees from across the England were eager to grab themselves a copy of Chasing Rhinos with the Swami volume 2, by Shyamasundar das. As one of the key pioneers for ISKCON in the UK, he was invited to Bhaktivedanta Manor, Glastonbury Town Hall, ISKCON Leicester, ISKCON Birmingham, East London, ISKCON-London and the Krishna Spectacular show in the Hammersmith Apollo to sign and distribute hundreds of copies for eager readers.

Chasing Rhinos with the Swami volume 2 recounts Shyamasunder’s memories of ISKCON’s initial impact and growth in India, supervised by Srila Prabhupada who was assisted by his early disciples from around the world. Volume 2 follows on from volume 1, which narrates Shyamasunder’s first encounter with Srila Prabhupada, the establishment of ISKCON in San Francisco, the very early days of ISKCON in London and his ongoing relationship George Harrison and John Lennon.

For more information:

On November 24th, the UK ISKCON devotees celebrated their 50th Anniversary in grandeaur at the famous Apollo Theater in downtown London. The show brought together performing arts from East and West, theatrical acrobatics, live music and sacred song, immersive mantra choir experience, award-winning dance and incredible 3D visuals.

It will be followed by a week of celebrations at ISKCON London temple (9/10 Soho Street), with kirtan, drama and remembrances of ISKCON UK pioneers Shyamasunder, Malati and Guru das. Please see below posters for more details:

Launch of Winter Book Marathon

Thursday, November 14th, 2019

Every year, from the end of November till the end of December, devotees make a special effort to distribute Srila Prabhupada’s books to interested public. 

As part of the launch of this year’s Winter Marathon, Mahatma prabhu will be giving classes in the Manor’s temple room on Sunday 17th November, at 7.45am and 5.30pm. 

If you would like to take part in this important service, in whatever capacity, please contact Divyanama prabhu:

Free Bus Service to Temple

Friday, August 9th, 2019

We are happy to announce a Bus service on Sundays to Bhaktivedanta Manor from Stanmore station.

This Service is sponsored by Olympia transport limited

Pick ups from Stanmore station:
Every Sunday at 11.30am

…and leave Bhaktivedanta Manor at 2.30pm to return

 Important notes:
You are required to book your free ticket in advance. Please text the below devotees your name and number of tickets required at least 2 hours in advance. 
You are required to reach on time in order to take this service.
The passenger is responsible to make his/ her own way in case of missing the minibus.
This service is free of charge but we request you to make a donation to help with the consistency of the service.
To book your seat, please contact Veera Mataji on 07508322172




Fire in Goshalla Hay Barn

Friday, September 21st, 2018

We are glad to announce that the Temple is now open again for regular worship.

The Goshala (farm) is also open. The hay barn has been completely destroyed and fire fighters are onsite as the last remains of the fire burn out.

The main building of the Goshala, as well as the large barn and workshop areas, remain undamaged by the fire. No one was harmed and all the cows are safe.

The cause of the fire is still being investigated.

We are incredibly grateful to the fire services for their speedy response and clear expertise and bravery in tackling the blaze. They have been both vigilant, courageous and extremely well mannered.

We are also deeply grateful to an off duty police officer and two other lads, one with an English three lions tattoo on his upper arm, for jumping into action with a take charge attitude in clearing buildings and securing the site. They just happened to be visiting the farm and we do hope to track them down for an official community thank you.

We have lost a barn to a fire. It is devastating and we remain somewhat still in shock. However we are full of thanks to Lord Krishna in our prayers that all are safe and we will rebuild our barn.




Haveli construction work

Sunday, March 4th, 2018
As construction work of the Shree Krishna Haveli continues, there will be minimal impact to the temple, which remains open as per usual timings. 
However, there are some minor inconveniences:
Radharani’s Bakery has been relocated.
The Playground is closed and will remain so until the Haveli completion next year.
Tulsi houses have been relocated and darshana is now available. 
The driveway has been altered to facilitate construction. All car-parking remains the same.
Apologies for the Inconvenience
Learn more about how you can support the completion of the Haveli project: 

UK Premier: “The Joy of Devotion”

Saturday, December 24th, 2016


There will be a UK Premiere screening of “The Joy of Devotion” documentary on the evening of Thursday 5th January, from 6pm, at the Camden Centre in London. The film was produced in honour of ISKCON’s 50th Anniversary.

 Organisers are honoured to confirm that HH Sivaram Swami will be the guest of honour, together with various other Prabhupada disciples.

This event is a collaboration between ISKCON-London and Bhaktivedanta Manor.

Tickets will be on sale from 9am Saturday 24th December at:

Only £10 (includes snacks and gifts)

Book now to avoid disappointment!


Upcoming Special Classes

Friday, October 21st, 2016
Please note the following upcoming special classes and seminars by senior devotees:
All classes are in the Temple Room unless otherwise advertised. All morning classes begin at about 7.40am.
Caitanya Charan Prabhu
Sunday 23rd October – Ramayana seminar pt 1
Monday 24th October – Ramayana seminar pt 2
Tuesday 25th October – Ramayana seminar pt 3

Bhakti Prabhava Maharaj
Wednesday 26th October – Morning Bhagavatam class
Friday 28th October – Morning Bhagavatam class
Sunday 30th October – 1pm Afternoon class
Bhakti Charu Swami
Sunday 30th October – Sitayana katha pt 2 (from Sita’s abduction to return to Ayodha)
Monday 31st October – Special Govardhan Puja class

Prahladananda Maharaj
Sunday 30th October – 6pm Evening class
Tuesday 1st November – Morning Bhagavatam class
Wednesday 2nd November – Morning Bhagavatam class

Srila Prabhupada Garden Opening

Monday, July 4th, 2016

Everyone is cordially invited to  Srila Prabhupada Garden Grand Opening at Bhaktivedanta Manor
On Saturday 16th July from 3pm- 6.30pm

With special Guest: His Grace Yogesvara Dasa


Please confirm you attendance with this link:

The Event

In celebration of the 50th Anniversary of ISKCON a new garden will be opened and dedicated to His Divine Grace A.C Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada and his early disciples who most courageously established ISKCON all over the world.

We are honoured to have special guest His Grace Yogesvara dasa with us, and as part as the ceremonies we will be launching his new book about Srila Prabhupada, Swami in a Strange Land.



Serving Srila Prabhupada

1.00pm     Srila Prabhupada Abhiseka in the temple room


Garden Opening

3.00pm     Ceremonious Garden Opening

4.00pm       Dedication

4.15pm       Book Launch—Swami in a Strange Land

6.00pm       Prasad


Evening Presentation

7.30pm       Swami in a Strange Land presentation by Yogesvara Prabhu in the temple room


Venue: Bhaktivedanta Manor, Dharam Marg, Hilfield Lane, Aldenham, Watford. WD25 8HE


Mens Sabbatical

Tuesday, April 5th, 2016


A Six Months Residential Course for Men

For those who are proficient in their understanding of Krishna Consciousness, the 6 month sabbatical course is an ideal opportunity to explore it further.

The first half of the Sabbatical takes place in India, where we discover the roots of the Vedic culture. There are seminars, practical workshops and training courses at ISKCON Chowpatty, a world-famous flagship centre of training and education. Living amongst 150 resident monks is certainly enlivening! There are also pilgrimages to holy places like Vrindavana, Mayapur and Jagannatha Puri. These unique trips offer us a glimpse into the spiritual world.

The second half of the course is based at Bhaktivedanta Manor focusing around completion of the Bhakti Shastri degree. Quality time is spent in studying the Nectar of Devotion, Nectar of Instruction, Sri Isopanisad and Bhagavad-gita. You will also gain an exposure to the variety of outreach activities at the Manor, and learn practical skills like public speaking, team leadership and project management.

First Half Course Date:  Sept – Dec 2016
Second Half Course Date: Jan – April 2017
Venue: ISKCON Chowpatty (India) and Bhaktivedanta Manor
Second Half Course Fee: £250

There are limited places on this course and there is an application form to be completed and sent back. Due date for completed application for the first half of the course is before 30th May 2016 and for the second half of the course before 28th Dec 2016.

For more information please email  or call 07930 464 750.