Cosmology On Trial



What if you knew the answers to most cosmological problems that theoretical physicists keep from the public?

What if you could impress your colleagues, teachers, friends with your cutting edge analysis?

Is modern scientific explanation of the universe’s creation, being and future fact or a leap of faith? Come along to get a firm foundation of the Vedic understanding and what is available within the modern-day scientific realm from the author of the Amazon best seller, Vaiyasaki das. Below is an overview of what he’ll cover:
On Wednesday 27th evening :

1. Science & spirituality

2. Our understanding of the universe

3. What scientists know of the universe

4. Showing the evidence & which authority to accept

5.  Q & A
On Thursday 28th evening :

1. The future of the universe – the dark energy/dark matter enigma

2. The goldilocks enigma of the laws of nature

3. Modern cosmological findings since 2015

4. Understanding planet Earth

5.  Q & A

On Friday 29th evening:

1. Is the Earth we live on a globe or a horizontal plane?
2. The modern mechanistic model vs the personal Vedic model of reality
3. The Vedic 24 hour clock explained
4. The Big Bang model
​5.  Q & A
Course Dates & Times:  27th, 28th & 29th April 2016 | 7pm – 9pm Venue: Bhaktivedanta Manor Course Fee: £15 for all sessions, £7 per session

For more information, please click here. To register, follow the Paypal link (on the web page) or visit the Manor reception.

Published onTuesday, April 19th, 2016

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