Upcoming Special Classes

Please note the following upcoming special classes and seminars by senior devotees:
All classes are in the Temple Room unless otherwise advertised. All morning classes begin at about 7.40am.
Caitanya Charan Prabhu
Sunday 23rd October – Ramayana seminar pt 1
Monday 24th October – Ramayana seminar pt 2
Tuesday 25th October – Ramayana seminar pt 3

Bhakti Prabhava Maharaj
Wednesday 26th October – Morning Bhagavatam class
Friday 28th October – Morning Bhagavatam class
Sunday 30th October – 1pm Afternoon class
Bhakti Charu Swami
Sunday 30th October – Sitayana katha pt 2 (from Sita’s abduction to return to Ayodha)
Monday 31st October – Special Govardhan Puja class

Prahladananda Maharaj
Sunday 30th October – 6pm Evening class
Tuesday 1st November – Morning Bhagavatam class
Wednesday 2nd November – Morning Bhagavatam class

Published onFriday, October 21st, 2016

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