The Atma Paradigm

161103-poster-for-ap-course-at-bm-nov16-orange-versionThis Atma Paradigm course is full of amazing new evidence, experiments and realisations for you. It will help you understand the Vedic texts so much better. And will provide all sorts of advice and tools that can help you on your path towards truth, enlightenment and devotion.

There’s an incredible amount of evidence proving that consciousness is not a product of the brain – in short, scientific proof of the soul. And this is only the beginning: this fact about consciousness then opens up a completely new understanding of what the world is made of, what it’s for; and how you influence it. It explains all the questions about the phenomenon of life, the variety of species and why we find ourselves within a human body. And it reveals how the universe formed and developed into the cosmos we see around us; and what exists before the beginning of space and time.

 It is facilitated by Akhandadhi das. Since joining ISKCON in 1975, he has been fortunate to spend time with many of the devotees with science and philosophy backgrounds. This has resulted in an amazing synthesis of the latest scientific evidence and the philosophical insights of the Vedic texts.

Entry: £40 per person for both days, which includes lunch and refreshments. Limited spaces available. Bookings are essential.

Payment Method: Cash or pre-arranged for card transactions



Published onSunday, November 6th, 2016

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