Shraddha Period

Monday 24th September – Monday 8th October

Sraddha period is a very important time for those with deceased parents and grandparents, as during this period offerings are made to help the soul of the ancestor on its journey. Ancestors are important because we owe them our very existence, so the least we can do is to help them, even though they have disappeared from our sight.

The Shraddh season falls every year at the same time in the lunar calendar. Its date will, however, move around the normal calendar that everyone else uses, the solar calendar. Shraddh lasts for one fortnight from the beginning of the lunar month of Ashwin, which this years falls from the 24th September until the 8th October inclusive.

The Shraddh ceremony is something that everyone is meant to do for anyone in the family that has passed away. When ceremonies are performed for the benefit of our ancestors they are generally known as pitri yajna, and they are one of the major yajnas to be performed each day. While daily yajnas can take the form of simply offering food and water, the Shraddh ceremony is a special observance each year. Since everyone does it, it is easy to remember. In India it is a collective Day of Remembrance in which everyone offers their heartfelt gratitude to the departed loved ones.

Typical activities for Shraddh will vary but in the circles of the devotee community – those who worship Krishna – we offer foods, water and lamps to Krishna and then offer them to photographs of the ancestors. If there is no photo then their names are announced in the sankalpa or declaration of intent at the beginning of the ceremony. A visit to the temple is also advised during this period, to offer our prayers and seek Lord Krishnas blessings. Feeding of the cows at the goshalla is also recommended. When visiting the temple offerings are made of foodstuffs or donations. (please do not donate any more chapati flour as our stocks are overflowing and we have enough to last us a long time.)

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What donations can I make during Sraddha

(please do not donate any more chapati flour as our stocks are overflowing and we have enough to last us a long time.)

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