Fire in Goshalla Hay Barn

We are glad to announce that the Temple is now open again for regular worship.

The Goshala (farm) is also open. The hay barn has been completely destroyed and fire fighters are onsite as the last remains of the fire burn out.

The main building of the Goshala, as well as the large barn and workshop areas, remain undamaged by the fire. No one was harmed and all the cows are safe.

The cause of the fire is still being investigated.

We are incredibly grateful to the fire services for their speedy response and clear expertise and bravery in tackling the blaze. They have been both vigilant, courageous and extremely well mannered.

We are also deeply grateful to an off duty police officer and two other lads, one with an English three lions tattoo on his upper arm, for jumping into action with a take charge attitude in clearing buildings and securing the site. They just happened to be visiting the farm and we do hope to track them down for an official community thank you.

We have lost a barn to a fire. It is devastating and we remain somewhat still in shock. However we are full of thanks to Lord Krishna in our prayers that all are safe and we will rebuild our barn.




Published onFriday, September 21st, 2018

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