ISKCON UK 50th Anniversary Dinner

Bhaktivedanta Manor organised a special dinner at the Avanti House Secondary School, in honour of the 50th Anniversary of ISKCON’s establishment in the UK. The main invitees were disciples of Srila Prabhupada and other key senior devotees, and it was a great opportunity for the younger generations to serve, join in Srila Prabhupada Guru-Puja and listen to the memories of first generation of ISKCON devotees.

Speakers included Shyamasunder das, Gurudas, Malati dasi, Dhananjay das, former Manor President Akhandadhi das and Governing Body Commissioner (GBC) for ISKCON UK, Praghosa das.

The event was mainly organised by Kalakanti Radhika dasi, who, along with a dedicated team, worked tirelessly behind the scenes with the purpose of honouring their seniors.

Bala Gopal dasi oversaw the cooking of the three course dinner, Anuradha made a beautiful themed cake and the event was supported Bhaktivedanta Manor’s Senior Management.

“The event was a very uplifting and moving experience,” exclaimed Jyestha dasi, “A big thank you to everyone involved.” It definitely made an impact and it was greatly appreciated.” 

Thanks to Chris Caswell for his photography 

Published onSunday, November 3rd, 2019

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