Janmashtami Appeal

In adherence with Government guidelines, this year’s Janmashtami Utsav will be simpler, focusing on giving everyone the opportunity for darshan of the Lord and prasad. Please come and offer your love and prayers to help the entire planet at this time of great need.

Janmashtami Darshan Utsav will be on Wednesday 12th and Sunday 16th August 2020. To ensure a safe and orderly darshan experience, we have a ticketed entry system for which everyone will need to prebook online for free.

Since the pandemic struck, the temple had to be closed and finance streams for daily needs have reduced dramatically. However, the daily standards of worship which include six aratis and food offerings, daily change of outfits and care of Krishna’s cows has been maintained, despite the challenging situation.

My dear friends, I humbly request you to give generously, for Shree Krishna Janmashtami Utsav and Bhaktivedanta Manor. Giving is an act of devotion, an expression of gratitude for Lord Krishna’s grace and blessings upon us.

Please support this year’s Appeal with your heartfelt contribution.

Donate Securely online at:

Published onFriday, July 17th, 2020

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