Bhaktivedanta Manor introduces you to Sanga Nights 

Sanga Nights is a 3 part special from Bhaktivedanta Manor. It is a special evening programme to re-energise your soul with the power of the holy name & association.

During these recent difficult times many people have been struggling, battling mental health, feeling lonely or have experienced loss of a loved one so this event is to re-connect us together and provide strength through kirtans and guided meditations.

Each evening will have a special kirtaneer host from our temple community, here at Bhaktivedanta Manor. To find out more about our first Kirtaneer Abhishek, visit the links below.

Join us  LIVE across Facebook and YouTube on Thursday nights at 8pm. (11th/18th/25th Feb 2021).*



Published onMonday, February 1st, 2021

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