Updates/FAQ’s on Temple Opening

Hare Krishna dear Friends,

We’re delighted to invite you back to your spiritual home and everyone’s Krishna temple, Bhaktivedanta Manor.

Please book your free ticket online and come with your family to again be in the divine presence of our beautiful Deities and to enjoy Their gardens, prasad, cows, and the other opulences the Manor offers for Their and your pleasure.

We especially invite you to meet Krishna’s devotees at Bhaktivedanta Manor, for it is by the devotees’ company that our spiritual progress quickens.

A warm welcome to you! We’re looking forward to again having your company.

Your servant,
Visakha Dasi

COVID Update/FAQ’s from 8th of August 

Subject to change at anytime

Visiting Bhaktivedanta Manor

Can I visit all areas of Bhaktivedanta Manor?

Entry to Bhaktivedanta Manor is still ticket based. Please book Tickets for your allocated times / events.

The temple room, goshalla, gardens, playground, gift shop and bakery are open for visiting.

The main building will be accessible for darshan only. Other areas of the main building (including Srila Prabhupada’s Rooms) are accessible only during the early morning programme and for specific ticketed events and courses.

Visiting Times are
Monday – Friday: 11am-1pm & 4:20pm-7:30pm
Saturday: 10am-1pm & 4:20pm-7:30pm
Sunday: 10am: 7:30pm

Can I stay longer then my allocated times

Yes, your allocated time is your arrival times for darshan, you can stay longer to visit other areas of the Temple.

Sunday Programme
We are open from 10 am – 7:30 pm. more details to come.

Health & Safety

Do I still have to wear a mask

Yes, we strictly ask everyone to wear masks when indoors (unless exempt).

Is social distancing still in place?

Social distancing is recommended, however individuals can choose what they’re comfortable with.

Do I need to do covid tests?

You don’t need Covid (LFT) tests to visit Bhaktivedanta Manor.

A proof of a negative LFT is required in the last three days (72 hours) only for anyone who is attending any sit down event/ programme/ course indoors at Bhaktivedanta Manor.

All volunteers, residents and staff who serve at Bhaktivedanta Manor need to carry out a LFT every three days (72 hours).

Do I need to be vaccinated?

Vaccination is not a requirement to visit or serve at Bhaktivedanta Manor. All volunteers, residents and staff who serve at Bhaktivedanta Manor need to carry out a LFT every three days (72 hours).

Festivals & Events

Will there be festivals for Balaram Jayanti & Jhulan Yatra?

Yes. The location and details will be announced soon.

Will Janmashtami be going ahead as normal?

It’s a three-day ticketed and timed event, with focus on darshan, with one large open-sided marquee for kirtans, dramas, etc. And as always, wonderful free prasad. Please book your ticket!

Early Morning Programme (4:30am-9am)

Is the early morning programme open to everyone?

Yes, by booking a ticket you can attend any day of the week. You will need to show proof of a negative LFT test taken in the last 72 hours & face masks/coverings are strongly recommended (unless exempt) in enclosed spaces. (test kits available at the temple)

Do we have to wear masks?
Face Masks/ Coverings are strongly recommended (unless exempt) in enclosed spaces.

Can we visit Srila Prabhupada’s Rooms?
Srila Prabhupada’s Rooms are accessible during the early morning programme, specific events and courses.

Will breakfast be served to those who come to the early morning programme?
Breakfast is only available on Sundays.

Staying at Bhaktivedanta Manor

Can we stay in guest accommodation overnight?
Until further notice all guests, residents, volunteers staying overnight must show proof of double vaccination. LFT testing every 3 days will also be required.


(tickets are released on a weekly basis)

Book a Ticket to Visit

Tickets for other events

Early morning programme 

Bhakti Janani

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