Diwali – Sun 7th Nov


Celebrations, Darshan & Prasadam will still carry on.

2pm – 7:30pm – Tickets will be required during these times to enter Bhaktivedanta Manor. 

10am-2pm & 7:30pm-9.30pm – NO tickets required during this time.

Diwali, meaning ‘festival of lights’, is one of the most widely celebrated occasions in the year. Diwali is observed not only by Hindus but also by Buddhists, Jains and Sikhs. The central theme for Diwali  is derived from the epic Ramayana.

Diwali is celebrated with candles and lamps. Join us at Bhaktivedanta Manor for a colourful stage show with drama and traditional dance.

Fireworks Cancelled

Due to bad weather conditions, we regret to inform everyone that the fireworks for Diwali at Bhaktivedanta Manor (Sun, 7th November 2021) have been cancelled. 

Darshan and Prasadam will still go ahead on the day.

Unfortunately, as the rain has fallen, it has rendered the parking fields inoperable, meaning we cannot properly host the number of expected visitors. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Thank you for your understanding. Hare Krishna.

Times & Schedule




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Times & Schedule

Event tickets: 2pm – 7:30pm – Tickets will be required during these times to enter Bhaktivedanta Manor. 

Temple is open for visiting from 10am-2pm & 7:30pm to 9.30pm (no tickets required during this time)


Sri Krishna Haveli: ( Schedule subject to change at short notice)

2:00pm – 4:00pm: Kirtans by Maneesh Sharma and Group

4:00pm – 4:20pm: Drama – Children’s drama: The lifting of Gorvardhan Hill

4:20pm – 5:00pm: Glories of Lord Rama by HG Niskincan Das on The Ramayana.

5:00pm – 5:50pm: Special Diwali Drama – The Ramayana by the Bhaktivedanta Players

6:15pm – 7:30pm: Bhajans by Nikesh Parmar and band

6pm – Grand Fireworks Display (Outdoors)

Fireworks Cancelled


Will I need a ticket to enter?

Yes. A ticket is required to enter Bhaktivedanta Manor during festival times (2pm – 7:30pm). No ticket, no entry!

What happens if I arrive without a ticket?

In order to enter Bhaktivedanta Manor on this day, a ticket is required. If tickets are still available, we may ask you to book a ticket online via your phone. If not, unfortunately you may not be able to enter.

Can I come before or after the event time (2pm – 7:30pm)?

Temple is open for visiting from 10am-2pm & 7:30pm to 9.30pm (no tickets required during this time)

Yes. Everyone is welcome to come to Bhaktivedanta Manor before 2pm, and after 7:30pm. But if you arrive during the event time (2pm – 7:30pm), then you will need an entry ticket to enter Bhaktivedanta Manor, as without a ticket in those times, you will not be allowed entry. If you arrive before 2pm, you will be allowed to stay for the rest of the day without a ticket.

How long can I stay?

You are welcome to stay and enjoy the festivities for as long as you like. Note: The main entrance gates will be closed at 9:30pm.

What if I arrive earlier / later than my booked arrival time?

If you arrive 30 mins before or after your booked arrival time, then you will still be allowed entry. Any earlier than that, we may ask you to please come back later, closer to your booked time. Any later than that, we will try our best to accommodate you, but it may not be possible to allow entry due to limited parking. Please arrive as close to your booked arrival time as possible.

Temple is open for visiting from 10am-2pm & 7:30pm to 9.30pm (no tickets required during this time)

Diwali Tickets


Will there be celebrations on the actual Diwali Day and surrounding days

No. Darshan and Prasadam will be available during visiting hours, but there will be no festivities.

Will there be prasadam (sanctified food)?

Yes. There will be prasadam available to purchase via the Cafe all day, as well as free prasadam served in the afternoon and in the evening.

What happens if the weather is poor?

All festivities will be cancelled if the rain makes the fields unsuitable for parking. Darshan will still be available.


By Car:

Please use Sat Nav (Postcode: WD25 8HE)

By Public Transport:

Visit https://www.bhaktivedantamanor.co.uk/home/?page_id=9954

Will there be a shuttle?

Yes. It will be running to and from Stanmore Station & Bhaktivedanta Manor. It will need to be pre-booked at a total cost of £1 per person. The reason for the cost is to ensure your space is guaranteed and that an accurate use of shuttle spaces can be planned ahead of time. By booking and using the shuttle, a standard entry ticket will not be required as your shuttle ticket will work as your entry ticket. We encourage people to use this service as parking is limited.

More details

Will there be parking available?

Yes. There is free parking available, but please be aware that parking spaces are limited making it important that you arrive during your allotted arrival time. 

Contact us if you have further questions


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