Prabhupada Book Marathon 2021

Give Life, Beautify, Purify

Prabhupada Winter Book Marathon 2021

27th November – 24th December 2021

Get involved

Find your way to distribute books

This year’s winter marathon will be something special! We wish to invite you all to participate and be part of a miracle. The more you give the more you have, spiritual mathematics works on another level, we have a wonderful team of devotees to facilitate you on your path to spiritual success.

1. Start at the beginning

Think about it as where you feel most comfortable to present yourself. Is it street distribution? Door to door? If you have children, maybe a kids’ Sankirtan party?

2. What happens next?

We are here to help you to serve Srila Prabhupada and for that, you can contact us! All of us have something to share in different fields of Book Distribution, so feel free to reach out, all the contacts you will find below.

3. What’s more to it?

Now is the time to just go out and distribute some books! Enjoy thrilling experiences and the miracle of sharing something which changes lives.

4. How did it go?

We have a very supportive community where we share tips and reflections on a regular basis. The more you discuss book distribution and its effects the more you like it!


Share with us your experience! Everyone likes to take a picture, so remember to whom you gave the books!

Get your books

Bhakta David Brahmacari +353 (86) 259 4015

Book supply and picking up books from the Manor temple grounds

Contact Information

Radha Dasi – 07941418350

Nanda Vraja Das – 07941418350

The Gita project – Placement of Bhagavad Gita and other books in hospitals, care homes, prisons…

Keshav Gokulananda Das – 07525661791

Door to Door – visiting houses in selected areas and presenting spiritual literature.

Vrindavan Chandra Das – 07432632304

Go Matsya project – focus on presenting and distributing sets of Srimad Bhagavatam

Bhakta Abhay – 07436819612

Sacred Street Party – young and energetic way to give out books with sitting Harinam.

Vrndarika-Ramaya Dasi -07831830225

Kids door-to-door party – Power of purity and deep understanding of how to distribute books with kids.

Antaranga Das – 07482431877

Local street Sankirtan – Ready to go to the streets?

Bhaktin Chandrika – 07722247342

Supermarkets book table – Shopping for groceries? How about a spiritual book?

Bhaktin Samin – 07882311861

Temple book table – People are really spiritually inclined here so it’s good fun!


Published onFriday, November 19th, 2021

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