University Students flock to Manor


The Krishna Consciousness Society (KCSOC) brought nearly 250 students from 25 different universities to Bhaktivedanta Manor. As the first in-person retreat in almost two years, a mood of care and service was created providing a day of kirtan, meditation, activities and workshops based on the theme ‘Discovering your Higher Self’.

The day started with some meditations by Keli Woods, followed by a keynote talk by Citi Sakti Devi Dasi in the temple room. This was an opportunity for many students to experience the deities and the Holy Name in a supportive setting.

Workshops included Q&A with a monk, Conscious Cooking, Cow Care, Inner Art and Yoga Flow and the day concluded with a fun uplifting and rocking kirtan with Radhika Das.

Published onThursday, November 25th, 2021

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