The crisis in Ukraine

How you can help

Bhaktivedanta Manor and The Lotus Trust ( have teamed up to support the distribution of cooked food to the refugees entering into Hungary and Romania from Ukraine. We profusely thank the donors who have so far contributed to the fund-raising campaign. We urge you to consider donating towards this noble cause. Give generously today to help provide essential humanitarian aid to those in desperate need by USING THE DONATE BUTTON BELOW:

Walking for Ukraine

A charity walk was organised by the combined efforts of Bhativedanta Manor and the Lotus Trust  to raise more funds.

The walk took place  Sunday 24th April from the Krishna Avanti Primary School on Camrose Avenue in Edgware, and reach Bhaktivedanta Manor  near Watford by about 12.30pm. The route was 6 miles long and there was over 100 walkers altogether.  Rajesh Agrawal, the Deputy Mayor of London for Business, was present and offered his whole-hearted support.

Participants of all ages stepped forward to support the cause, ranging from three year-olds to grandparents, including walkers in their 80s.

The funds collected from this effort will continue the supply of the raw material taken into the heart of Ukraine into various cities like Kiev and Kharkiv etc where food is cooked on a daily basis and then delivered to underground stations and for people in need. This has resulted in massive appreciation from the Ukraine citizens who are greatly suffering. 


Manor devotees front-line on Ukraine’s border

(this section will be periodically updated)
As a result of the generous donations in response to the joint campaign by Bhaktivedanta Manor and the Lotus Trust, Temple Manager Premaniketana das, security man Lila Jagannath das and now Congregational Care officer Kanhaiya das travelled to Hungary to help the devotee community there to distribute vegetarian food (prasad) as well as practical supplies to the needy. 

As well as helping on the Hungarian border, the team made day-long journeys to the Polish and Romanian borders of Ukraine to deliver many tonnes of food provisions to Food for Life devotees operating in Kyiv and Kharhiv.

A humanitarian adviser told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme that “There’s a Hare Krishna temple in Kharhiv where they have started cooking and feeding over 1000 people a day”.

“During the bombing of Kharhiv,” explained Premaketana das. “Devotees are distributing the food we delivered in bunkers, subways and the Metro Underground.”

Speaking in a BBC Three Counties Radio broadcast, Premaketana explained “Tens of thousands of people of Ukrainians are very hungry, restricted to living on food tokens if they are lucky to reach those most in need we made the decision to risk entering into the Ukraine itself. The soldiers were appreciative of our efforts and let us through.

“Devotees from Kyiv greatly appreciated our efforts of the team, thrilled to receive items we all too easily take for granted, such as rice and sugar. Our deliveries inside the country have set a practical trend that is continued by devotees near Ukraine’s borders.”

“We are working with the devotee communities here, inspiring each other to help each other to distribute more and more,” added Kanhaiya das. 

Statement of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness on Ukraine
ISKCON Ministry of Communications
February 25, 2022
As members of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), we offer our prayers for all persons who are victims of the evolving situation in Ukraine. We earnestly pray that no more innocent people may suffer and that peace will soon return to that region.
We are especially heartbroken that thousands of devotees of Lord Krishna are living in the areas in conflict. Members of our communities live in both Ukraine and Russia and we fear that great pain is being borne by them, and their extended families and friends, both spiritual and secular. May Lord Krishna protect one and all.
The saints of our tradition teach us that as long as human society claims proprietorship over the Earth and forgets that we are all children of God, we will continue to suffer conflicts between us. This recognition of universal brotherhood and sisterhood extends to the victims on all sides of any hostility.
We earnestly pray for that day when Russians, Ukrainians, Americans, Chinese, Indians, Africans, Europeans, and all peoples will come together under the banner of affection for each other and for God. True peace, true security, and true fulfillment cannot be achieved by economic or political gains. They are found by knowing that we are all God’s children and that all people, indeed all living beings, deserve our respect, protection, and affection.
Hare Krishna.

Candle vigil

Bhaktivedanta Manor devotees joined members of the local community, together with Councillors and other faith representatives, who gathered in unity to light candles of hope during a vigil for peace at the SRMD London Spiritual Centre in Bushey.

A variety of seniors and local representatives were asked to speak.

Published onThursday, March 3rd, 2022

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