Letting the cows out


9:45am – Radha Gokulananda Vihara Yatra (Deity Procession starting from the Temple Room)

10:10am – Swagata Seva (Welcoming the Deities to the Goshala)

10:15am – Navanaivedya Seva (9 bhoga offerings made with Goshala milk)

10:20am – Arati Seva

10:30am – Pravachan

10:45am – Go Mochana (Letting the cows out)

11:15am – Prasadam Seva (Refreshments)

About the celebration

‘Go Mochana Utsava‘ means ‘the festival of letting the cows out’. After a long winter stay inside the barns, the cows and oxen will be released into the fields and pastures. Their Lordships Sri Sri Radha Gokulananda will be gracing everyone with Their presence, coming all the way from Their altar just to see Their favourite cows and enjoy the spectacle of seeing them leap with joy and stretch themselves after their long winter months inside the barns.


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Published onFriday, March 4th, 2022

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