Krishna Wisdom’s Mind Body Soul Get away retreat!

Over the Easter weekend Krishna Wisdom organised a Mind Body Soul Getaway retreat hosted at the beautiful Vedanta retreat centre in Lincoln. Radha Govinda das, Kishori dasi and Bhakta Ian ran workshops for those new or beginning to explore the path of bhakti, whilst Kripamoya das and Guru Carana Padma dasi facilitated discussions and workshops for those wanting to go a little deeper.

It was a retreat full of joyful dancing and kirtan, innovative skits, creative art workshops, yoga and pranayama, sound baths, discourses on the scriptures and of course lots of delicious prasadam (sacred food).

For many of the attendees it was their first ever experience of Krishna Consciousness, never having visited the Manor before. The Krishna Wisdom team are in touch with all the participants and we hope to see them again soon!

Published onSunday, April 24th, 2022

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