Kartik 2012

The month long Kartik festival starts on the 30th of October 2012 and runs for four weeks till 28th of November 2012.

During this time pilgrims come from far and wide to offer a candle to Mother Yasoda and Lord Krishna. The importance of this month is described extensively in the scriptures, especially in Srila Rupa Goswami’s Mathura Mahatmya.

The Puranas (Vedic histories) extol the month of Kartik as the topmost in the calendar. Lord Krishna’s mercy is very easily accessible in this month and to demonstrate their sincerity devotees accept different austerities such as fasting, cutting down on non-essential activities and offering charity.  Worship of Tulsi and serving Lord Krishna’s cows is especially glorified.

Every day, devotees come to the Temple and offer a candle or ghee lamp to Lord Damodara.  The Damodarastakam, a series of eight beautiful verses by the great sage Satyavrata Muni is sung daily in the morning and evening.

Do join us for this most wonderful celebration Daily.

Morning: 7 AM
Evening: 7 PM (
Sunday at 9 PM)

The month of Kartik begins on 30 October. Those who make a Kartik-vrata (vow) should do so on the previous day. The vrata is concluded on the full moon (Purnima) on 28 November. In ISKCON temples around the world it is customary to sing Damodara-Astakam and to offer candles to Lord Krishna during this period. To avoid confusion, this observance will take place on the Purnima preceeding the start of Kartik (i.e. 29 October), as well as the Purnima at the end of Kartik (28 November).

Published onSaturday, October 27th, 2012

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