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On 29th December 2012, HH Bhakti RasamritaSwami was special guest to the first London BACE, Bhaktivedanta Academy for Cultural Education, a house where full-time students can cultivate Krishnaconsciousness whilst meeting the rigours of university life.

The idea came from the brahmacaris Ananda Caitanya das, Jankinath das and Ghanashyam Priyadas, who all saw the success such student houses are having in Mumbai, India, and wanted to replicate it here. They regularly visit the place, located in the heart of Camden Town, to inspire the boys in Krishnaconsciousness, giving classes as well as one-to-one time to the residents.


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The nine boys have five floors to enjoy, including a view of the London skyline from the roof, fibre opticinternet for their study, and their very own Gaura-Nitaideities which they worship daily. Shiv Dattani, a resident and employee at KPMG, said “One of the best things about the house is we can all chant ourjapa early together before we go out for the day and when we come back we have a home-cooked meal waiting for us, lovingly prepared by a devotee fromISKCON-London!”

On the day of Bhakti Rasamrita Swami’s visit, hespoke about the importance of cultivating good character as devotees in society, behaving like gentlemen, and acting with responsibility, especially given their new-found freedom in living independently from their parents. He subsequently named the house “Govardhan”, after the worshipable hill near Vrindavana, India, telling the boys to become rock-solid in spiritually and their studies simultaneously.

Next year, the plan is to open more of these student houses around London, with many places available for young working professionals and university students.

Published onThursday, January 17th, 2013

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