Bhaktivedanta Manor is is not just a temple or a place of pilgrimage but also a theological college. One of the most outstanding courses the Manor has been offering over the years is the 6 month Sabbatical. Launched in 2002-2003 the Sabbatical offers young male devotees the chance to immerse themselves in the study and practice of Krishna Consciousness – full time.

The first 3 months are spend based in ISKCON Chowpatty where devotees will also be taken on pilgrimage to Jagganath Puri, Vrindavan and Mayapur. They will partake in festivals and get to hear from the senior devotees there. An opportunity will also be given to live in the recently developed Govardana Eco Village and really experience simple living and higher think by practice of Krishna Consciousness in a self sufficient farm community.

For the second 3 months, devotees will be based at Bhaktivedanta Manor. Activities will include deity worship, goshalla, collage preaching, nama hatta and sanga outreach as well as travelling book distribution and instrument lessons. And if that wasn’t enough, each candidates will receive a full Bhakti Sastri degree at the end of it.

Therefore any devotees who have either graduated from University, thinking of taking a career break or just want to experience Krishna Consciousness on another level, the Sabbatical provides a great opportunity to realise your potential and solidify, strengthen and deepen their faith and practice of Krishna Consciousness.

The deadline is approaching soon so apply now and give it a try.


Published onThursday, May 16th, 2013

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