Balaram’s Appearance Day


The Temple room Schedule of Lord Balaram’s Appearance Day on Tuesday 20th August is as follows:


lord_krishna_and_balaram4:30 am Mangala Arati

7:00 am Deity Greeting (Last Day of Julan Yatra)

7:50 am Guru Puja

8:15 am Play, “The Chess Match” by Bhaktivedanta Players

8:35 am Special Class by HH Radharaman Swami

10:00 am Bhajans by Gurukulis

12:30 pm Midday Arati

2:00 pm Feast

7:00 Gaura Arati


Balarama , also known as Baladeva is the elder brother of Lord Krishna. He is considered as the Sankarshana form of Vishnu. He is worshipped as an avatar of Adishesha, a primal being of creation who holds all the planets of the universe on his hoods and constantly sing the glories of the Lord from all his mouths

When born on this earth Balarama was the son of king Vasudeva. The evil king Kamsa, the brother of Devaki, was intent upon killing the children of his sister because of a prediction that he would die at the hands of her eighth son.

Vishnu then impregnated the belly of the goddess Devaki with two hairs, one black, one white. To ensure their safety, their essence was transferred before birth to Rohini, who also desired a child. At birth, Krishna had a darker complexion, while Balarama was born fair. The other name of Balarama is also Sankarshan, meaning a spirit transferred between two wombs

Published onFriday, November 16th, 2012


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