Sanga Gatherings

Sat-Sanga literally means “association of Krishna’s devotees.” Through such association one acquires great knowledge and finds fresh inspiration in their spirituality. It is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of Krishna Consciousness. There are over 25 regular sanga gatherings in different locations across London. They typically take place at someone’s home on a fixed day of the week and are attended by 30-40 people of all ages. Different aspects of Krishna consciousness are discussed in a relevant, practical and interesting way. Each program is accompanied by Kirtan, bhajans and prasadam.

By attending a sanga gathering, you will:

  • Learn the basics of the Bhagavad-gita
  • Have the opportunity to ask questions and learn the practical aspects of the teachings
  • Associate with spiritually minded individuals and make new friends


See the table of contacts and try to visit your nearest sanga gathering
you definitely won’t regret it!


>> Click here to watch a video of Sanga Gatherings <<


Contact Location Telephone / Email Frequency
Palika devi dasi Palmers Green 07873 526 364 Monthly
Vinod Krishna das Stanmore 07973 179 833 Fortnightly
Vrinda Vilasini devi
Hayes 07919 044 564 Monthly
Hema Devlukia Watford 07827 911 081 Fortnightly
Bhanu Tanaya devi
Hatch End 07941 847 852 Fortnightly
Madanmohan Govinda
East Ham /
07883 631 387 Fortnightly
Vishakha & Avinash Harrow 07960 577 286 Fortnightly
Radha Kanta das Eastcote 07515 484 917 Fortnightly
Mahesh Dhokia Surrey 0208 287 5894 Fortnightly
Sundar Govinda das Rickmansworth
07809 438 614 Fortnightly
Vishvambhara das Northampton
Milton Keynes
07554 688 534 Weekly/Fortnightly/Monthly
Sriji Sundari devi dasi &
Dr Pooja Chawla
Edgware/Queensbury 07939 940 151 Fortnightly


For any other queries please contact:

“Association with those engaged in a similar line of business is very conducive to advancement in that business. Consequently materialistic persons form various associations and clubs to enhance their endeavors. For example, in the business world we find such institutions as the stock exchange and chamber of commerce. Similarly, we have established the International Society for Krishna Consciousness to give people an opportunity to associate with those who have not forgotten Krishna.”

Srila Prabhupada