Adi – Guru Das

Ashram/marital status: Grihastha (for 22 years)

Town and borough of residence: Bushey, Hertfordshire

In ISKCON since: 1991

Spiritual courses attended: attending numerous seminars and thousands of classes

Services rendered over last 5 yrs: :personal assistant to HH Sivarama Swami in Hungary and India (total time in 5 years approximately 16 months), Book distribution in France, Nama Hatta classes, Cultivating personal contacts, harinam sankirtan in UK and France, driving Janananda Goswami one tour of France, twice organising and driving tours of UK temples and groups with senior Prabhupada disciples, managing ISKCON stand at Body Mind Spirit Expo London Olympia every year, numerous donation services to ISKCON projects, assisting my wife in her service for outfits for ISKCON Soho.


 travelling, preaching, lecturing, managing, logistics, serving senior devotees, reading groups, building ISKCON UK national identity and branding, cultivating people to read and chant, harinam sankirtan, helping in France with the same. Assisting mature contacts living in grhasta situations far from temples to come to the stage of initiation.

Profession: own business selling incense working from home.

Languages known in addition to English: little french

Ages of children under 21 yrs old: 22 year old Boy