Radha Govind Das

Ashram/marital status: Grihastha

Name of spouse if mentoring as a couple: Kisori Yogini Devi Dasi

Town and borough of residence: Bushey, Bedfordshire

In ISKCON since: 2009

Spiritual courses attended:

Services rendered over last 5 yrs: over 10 years in the ashram during which he travelled extensively throughout the UK distributing books and running sanga programs, started and supported Nama Hatta groups in various cities in the UK, taught courses, engaged in Deity worship, helped bring new local English people to the movement, and studied and taught the philosophy of Krishna Consciousness.

Skills/interests: sharing Krishna Consciousness with others, teaching at the School of Bhakti, Deity worship and is also a qualified Yoga Teacher.


Languages known in addition to English:  Gujarati

Ages of children under 21 yrs old: none