Sacinandana Karuna Das

Ashram/marital status: Married

Town and borough of residence: Watford, UK

In ISKCON since: 1997

Spiritual courses attended: VTE, Bhakti Shastri, Home Deity Worship, Men’s Sabbatical, ILS, other shorter courses

Services rendered over last 5 yrs: Currently facilitation two discussion sangas (Krsna Book:Tues and Gauranga Book:Thurs), morning and evening temple lectures, Nama Hatta group facilitator, Sankirtan / Book Distribution facilitator, Kirtan festival organiser, Ratha Yatra organiser, Temple Open Day facilitator, travelling servant of HH Jayapataka Swami for Europe

Skills/interests: Studying and discussing sastra, singing bhajans, sharing teachings and kirtan, book distribution, serving prasadam, home deity service, travelling to holy places and festivals

Profession: Digital Intelligence Manager

Languages known in addition to English: Basic Gujarati

Ages of children under 21 yrs old: One daughter, 3 years old