Bhaktipriya Radhika devi dasi

Ashram/marital status: Married

Town and borough of residence: Watford, Hertfordshire

In ISKCON since: 2006

Spiritual courses attended: Bhakti Shastri, ILS, Other shorter courses

Services rendered over last 5 yrs: Current weekly Bhagavad Gita discussions, meditation sessions with work colleagues. Public harinaams. Assisting Nama Hatta group facilitation, Kirtan festival organiser, Ratha Yatra organiser, Temple Open Day facilitator.

Skills/interests: Reading Srila Prabhupad’s books, Singing bhajans, Travel to Holy Places and Festivals, Baking and cooking, Gardening.

Profession: Doctor

Languages known in addition to English: Gujarati, Hindi and some Swahili.

Ages of children under 21 yrs old: 3 years (1 daughter)