Bhaktivedanta Manor is a place where God is worshiped throughout the day so the most important thing is to arrive in a devotional and respectful mood.

If you have your own set of chanting (japa) beads, then the Manor and its grounds are the perfect place to chant the Hare Krishna mantra… so always remember to bring your beads ! If you do not have any beads but would like to try mantra meditation, you can buy them from the Reception or the Temple shop.

Donations (monetory)

Like most places of worship, we rely on your generous donations to keep eveything going. Monetary donations can be made at the Reception, and coin donations specifically can be placed into donation boxes in the Temple room.

Donate online at:

Bhog (food donations)

Donating food is always welcome, especially given that our kitchens are always busy preparing meals and snacks for so many guests! Food donations are usually taken straight to the kitchen.

Some guests like to donate specifically to the deity kitchen by leaving items outside the door in the corridor near the back shoe room. Preferred items for the deity kitchen include: buckwheat flour (fudco), plain yogurt, mixed spices, semolina (coarse), dried apricots, sunflour seds, aniseed stars, ground cardamon and lemon juice.

Milk Donations

The Temple only accepts milk donations that are organic.

Organic farms do not use GM cattle feed, routine antibiotic treatments or synthetic pesticides.  Bhaktivedanta Manor’s own farm, New Gokul, is not only organic but all the cows and hand-milked, treated with care and are allowed to live their full natural lifespans.

Flower Donations

Flowers always make nice gifts to the deities. Flower decorations and garlands are made regularly at the Temple.

Other items

There may be other items you can donate which may be useful to the Temple community. Before bringing it in, however, make an inquiry at the Reception 01923 851000.