The Gardens

Five acres of ornamental gardens, lawns and woodland surround the main house, maintained by a crew of staff gardeners and volunteers from the community.

The founder, Srila Prabhupada, loved to sit on the lawn in the afternoon, surrounded by disciples and friends, while he chanted on his beads, heard sacred readings, or discussed questions of philosophy.

Bhagavad Gita Walk

A shady walk, starting beside George’s Garden, circles round the back of the lake and returns to the lawn. Its route is marked with sixteenverses chosen from the Bhagavad Gita, providing food for thought. From the far side of the lake an enchanting view of the manor house opens through the trees.

The Rose Garden

Beside the main house, the rose Garden is a favourite place for meeting friends or sharing picnics. In the summer on fine days this is where community lunch is served.

Flower Nursery

All through the summer many varieties of flowers are grown to be used in the temple worship. They go into garlands, which are made every day for Radha and Krishna, and other Deities, to replenish vases, and to be used for puja throughout the day.

George’s Garden

George’s Garden is set aside for quiet prayer and contemplation. When George Harrison bought the Manor he particularly wanted Krishna devotees to have the benefit of the peaceful garden surroundings to meditate on Krishna. Hence, when George passed away aged 58 on 29 november 2001, the Manor resolved to create a quiet garden in his memory. The chosen spot was a shady woodland dell which George had liked. It includes a series of eight artworks celebrating the diverse parts of George’s spiritual life, aligned to the eight aspects of devotion to Krishna and the eight couplets of the Hare Krishna mantra.