Mentor Profiles

By now you will have viewed the video presentation on the Mentorship System and read through the manual, and now it’s time to choose a mentor who will assist you in your spiritual life!

Guidance on factors to consider before choosing a mentor is given in the FAQs section of the Mentorship System Manual. We would advise that you read at least this section of the manual before choosing your mentor. Also, husband and wife should preferably belong to the same mentee group ie they should have the same mentor choices. If one of the couple does not feel comfortable taking guidance from the mentor in charge of their mentee group, he/she may receive regular one-to-one guidance from another mentor of their choice, whilst still remaining in the same mentee group as their spouse.

Mentors have been placed in categories to allow you to select those best suited to your current ashram. Please look at the mentors’ profiles by clicking on the names below, together with your spouse if applicable, and select two names. Unless you have  a strong preference for a particular mentor, we advise that you state on the form the days and times you can attend meetings and we will be happy to help you to choose a mentor who would be best suited to you. 

Click on ‘Join’ to complete your Mentor Preference Form (or pick up a form from Manor Reception desk). Mentors will be allocated at each fortnightly Mentorship Committee meeting; hence it is in your interest to submit your form as soon as possible!


Devotees most suitable for couples. Each couple counts as ONE of your two choices. Available for married devotees joining with or without their spouse; however most suited for devotees joining with their spouse:
Brahmachari/brahmacharini mentors (can only accept mentees who are single and not intending to get married, and of course of the same gender). Meetings are held at Manor unless specified otherwise:
  • Sutapa das – only for devotees residing at the Manor
Mentors suitable for the single, same gender, devotees. Also suitable for devotees (same gender) who are joining without their spouse:

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