Reminder: Guidance on factors to consider before choosing a mentor is given in the FAQs section of the Mentorship System Manual. We would advise that you read at least this section of the manual before choosing your mentor. Also, husband and wife should preferably belong to the same mentee group ie they should have the same mentor choices. If one of the couple does not feel comfortable taking guidance from the mentor in charge of their mentee group, he/she may receive regular one-to-one guidance from another mentor of their choice, whilst still remaining in the same mentee group as their spouse.

Please note that husband and wife should enter their details on the same form (even if they have different mentor choices) so that only one form is submitted by them.

For those devotees who are single, please complete Sections 1 and 3 only and indicate your gender by writing Mr, Mrs or Miss before your legal name. Please click on link below to complete your form:

Bhaktivedanta Manor Mentor Preference Form

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