Holika (bonfire)

The burning of Holika Will not happen this year due to the National Lockdown.

Five year old Prince Prahlada refused to obey his demoniac father, Hiranyakashipu, who was the most powerful person in the universe. Thus the wicked Hiranyakashipu tried to kill and torture Prahlada in many ways. However, Prahlad was protected by God. At one time, Hiranyakashipu’s wicked sister Holika (hence ‘Holi’) tried to kill Prahlad by carrying the child into a blazing fire. She had a boon that protected her from fire, but in this instance, the saintly Prahlad was protected, whilst his evil aunt burned to ashes.

On Holi the tradition is to place coconuts into the flames and then to retrieve them. The outside shell burns but the pure white interior remains, reminding everyone of Prahlada, the boy saint. Prayers are also said that God will protect His devotees from flames in the forthcoming year. The entire event is known as Holika Dahan, the Burning of Holika.