Bhakti Shastri Student Testimonials

Karuna Ishvari devi dasi
I started the Bhakti Shastri course here at the Manor and it is just so exciting to study Srila Prabhupada’s books with wonderful devotees under the guidance of our fired up teacher! I definitely feel this is giving me a strong basis for my spiritual life; I am actually starting to see what our philosophy is all about, and I am also starting to understand how to apply it. Since I am more absorbed in studies, I start to see the world through the eyes of scriptures. And also this course helps me to develop a habit of regular study of Srila Prabhupada’s books, as our dear teacher never forgets to prepare homework and short tests at the beginning of each session.

Titiksu dasa
The Bhakti Shastri course is taught to the highest ISKCON international standards as specified by the ISKCON Examinations Board. I attended the 2006-2007 course and found that Jivadoya Prabhu is a natural teacher who makes learning very easy with his expert teaching techniques, deep knowledge of the scriptures and sometimes humorous presentations.
The course is something Srila Prabhupada wanted everyone to do and involves a comprehensive study of four foundational books, the Bhagavad Gita, Nectar of Devotion, Sri Isopanishad and Nectar of Instruction. I can honestly say that I learnt more about these four books in one year than I had in the previous 25!

Kamini-Radhika devi dasi and Rupeswar-Gauranga dasa
The Bhakti Shastri course has certainly helped deepen our knowledge of Srila Prabhupada’s books and the philosophy of Krishna consciousness. Despite the fact that Srila Prabhupada stressed the importance of studying his books so much, like many people we find it hard and struggle to find time to do so. But by enrolling on the course we knew that we were trying to please Srila Prabhupada by making an effort and commitment to spend at least three hours a week systemically studying his books with other devotees.

Harsha-Rani devi dasi
The Bhakti Shastri course is for everyone, for the serious devotee and the student who wishes to learn about spiritual matters. Every week, as we go through the scriptures, I acquire new knowledge and spiritual realisations. It was an ecstatic experience going through the Bhagavad-gita, as the Lord revealed this most confidential knowledge and melted the hearts of all the students. There is so much to be learnt, to reflect upon and then apply to our lives, and the problems associated with it.

Arvind Hirani
I come from a family where both my parents practiced different faiths though within Hinduism. I have heard many kathas from well-known personalities, and this really kept me within “religion”, though at the lowest step of the ladder. But when my son joined the Pandava Sena I started coming to the Hare Krishna Temple and I  saw a poster offering this Bhakti Shastri course. It was on a Sunday morning and worst come to worst I would lose some TV hours I thought to myself. Big deal. It was definitely not a mistake, in fact it was a great decision.

Priti Khullar
“I had always wanted to undertake the Bhakti Shastri course, but unfortunately I was unable to take 4 months off from work to undertake this serious study in wonderful places like Mayapur or Vrindavan. Hence I was delighted when the Manor first offered this course on a part-time basis. I did not hesitate to sign up as I knew how important it was to get a better understanding of the core books this course teaches, as emphasised by His Divine Grace, Srila Prabhupada. Whilst it seemed a long time to study, just over 1 year, I didn’t want that to discourage me, but I gladly welcomed the challenge to dedicate myself to this study whilst juggling my other commitments.
Having now completed the course, I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone. One can see that a lot of time has been spent on preparing these classes which are presented using quality slides, alongside useful handouts for all. They serve as fantastic study aids, full of visuals, easy to read charts, and bullet points which help the learner to gain a good grasp of the material. The classes themselves are varied, allowing plenty of interaction, opportunity to ask questions and are filled with a lot of humour.

Sheila Chauhan
The Bhakti Shastri is the best course that I have ever embarked on and it was the best 15 months of my life!

Nisha Raniga
It is a very well planned course with easy to understand material which allowed me to progress in my devotional service.

Paresh Mistry
I completed the Bhakti Shastri course in 2010. My only regret was that I wish I had done this course earlier; my life would have been very different! But as they say, better late than never!

Mukunda Hari dasa
I had been thinking about doing the Bhakti Shastri course for a few years, but kept putting it off, using work related travel as an excuse. Finally, with the encouragement of devotee friends I decided to enrol. This was the best decision of my life. The professional, structured teaching by all the lecturers made the study enjoyable and thoroughly enriching. During the course, I was very fortunate to get the association of like-minded co-students who became close friends. Discussing the newly learned subject matters whilst in the prasadam queue or at pre-arranged revision sessions with these devotee friends was a relishing part of the whole experience. I have been recommending this course to all my friends.

Hemel Patel
Completing the Bhakti Shastri course has been one of the most fulfilling, exciting and amazing experiences of my life. Before starting the course I was at a cross roads with my Krishna consciousness. I felt like I lacked a lot of knowledge, and I wasn’t sure what to do or where to start. Bhakti Shastri gave me a chance to systematically study Bhagavad-gita As It Is, Nectar of Instruction, Sri Isopanisad and Nectar of Devotion alongside fellow eager devotees. Reading these great books by Srila Prabhupada is one thing, but to have the opportunity to study them weekly under the guidance of fantastic teachers is truly special. It doesn’t matter what age you are, whether you’ve just come out of university or if you’re about to enter retirement, this course is open to everyone! Bhakti Shastri does require some commitment and a little bit of enthusiasm but the end result will definitely change your life forever!

Kirti Popat
Basically I knew very little before the course and from doing the course I learned a great deal. It has given me a good start in my spiritual life and I can now revisit the books and appreciate them more than I ever thought I could!