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Croatia Spiritual Retreat 2015

Sunday, December 28th, 2014


In May 2015, we had a wonderful Retreat to Croatia with HH Bhakti Charu Swami Maharaj. Please find photos, recordings and video links all below…

On the success of Croatia Spiritual Retreat 2015:

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Details about Retreat

From 9th – 16th May 2015, we were very honoured to have His Holiness Bhakti Charu Swami as the chief guest for the European Spiritual Retreat to Croatia. This was a fabulous 7-day spiritual retreat to the beautiful Croatian island of Iz.

Life can get busy with work, family and friends. Often the sad reality is that the first thing to suffer is that which is most important in the ultimate sense, our spiritual life. We all need some time to simply absorb ourselves in the practice and process of Krishna consciousness.

To this end, the College of Vedic Studies aims to bring spiritual retreats to allow devotees to get away from everything else and simply reconnect with Krishna. The week-long retreat was packed full of kirtans, seminars, sanga and prasadam – providing an  immersive devotional experience for all within the beautiful, sunny surroundings of the island of Iz. It was definitely a week to remember!


The theme for the retreat was “Understanding Krishna Consciousness through the Stories of Srimad Bhagavatam.” The Srimad Bhagavatam is the ripened fruit of all Vedic knowledge, and is replete with the pastimes of Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, and His devotees. Referred to as the “spotless” Purana, the Bhagavatam is “directed towards bringing about a revolution in the impious lives of this world’s misdirected civilisation (SB 1.5.11).” Via this greatest of all literatures, we had the opportunity to extract the essence of Krishna consciousness in both theory and practice.



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