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Upcoming classes by Swamis

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2014

Giriraj Swami has been a sannyasi since 1977. In 1982 he was appointed to ISKCON’s Governing Body Commission. He has also taught at the Vrindavan Institute for Higher Education and continues to lecture and to give presentations at retreats and workshops around the world.

Chandramauli Swami accepted the sannyasa order in 1986. In the early 1990’s he became involved with the ISKCON Prison Ministries in America. In 1995 he began serving as the resident sannyasi in Chicago, where he is based today. He also preaches in America, India and Europe.

Bhakti Rasamrita Swami was awarded the order of sannyasa in 2010. Presently he is temple president of ISKCON Belgaum centre, India, and tours to preach at ISKCON centres around the world.

 All classes in Bhaktivedanta Manor’s Temple Room:

Morning Class