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Chant on Beads

Friday, February 26th, 2021

Chanting on beads is known as japa and can be likened to the genuine call of a child for its mother. We whisper the sacred names and try to conscientiously hear the words. The human ear and mind are especially designed to receive these spiritual sound waves that flow from the spiritual world. You simply have to focus on the sound vibration – nothing else. By making a daily commitment to the process of japa meditation, we gradually free the mind, cleanse the heart, and come in direct contact with God. The early morning hours are considered the most  conducive  for  japa  meditation  since the mind can more peacefully flow towards Krishna during this time as the environment is quiet, the body is refreshed and the mind less distracted.

“Chanting Hare Krishna attentively and without offence establishes us in our conditional position as pure, blissful spirit-souls. We are bathed in knowledge and love…”

“…When the Supreme Lord reveals Himself to His devotee, there is Self-Realisation. Transcendence is revealed in the heart of the devotee. The Lord comes in the form of transcendental sound, which cleans the material dust from the mirror of the mind…”


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10 Hour Kirtan

Wednesday, May 15th, 2013


In all the vedic scriptures there is one spiritual practice that is praised the most for its efficacy in spiritual enlighteninga practitioner, this is the congregational chanting of the holy name or the Nama Sankirtana Yajna.

As an offering of love to our Lordships Sri Sri Radha Gokulananda the devotees at Bhaktivedanta manor are gathering once a month on a sunday to chant the holy names of the lord together for 10 hours non stop. By engaging in this most sublime of processes we will uplift our own consciousness and share the gift of bhakti with all who participate sincerely.

You are cordial invited to join in. The Nama Yajna is so wonderful merciful that anyone can join in, you simply have to bring your voice and sing with your heart. It is said that one who once chants the holy name of Lord Hari with asincere heart, the path to Vaikuntha is laid wide open.

Monthly 10 Hour Kirtanas will be held from 11.30am to 9.30pm
The Dates are:

May Sunday 19th
June Sunday 2nd
July Sunday 21st
August Sunday 11th
September Sunday 15th
October Sunday 20th

PS:  these dates are subject to change please check the dates before making a special journey to attend the events.

The Cintamani of Harinama

Wednesday, May 9th, 2012

with Isana Gaura das

This seminar discusses the glories of attentive chanting, giving knowledge on the worship of the ragatmika devotees of Vraja. To correctly discuss the path of raganuga-sadhana we must learn to avoid the ten offenses, thus, following the teachings of Sri Harinama Cintamani. This seminar gives knowledge on the most common type of nama-aparadha called pramada (inattention).

Appealing to both newcomers and mature devotees, it will cover the following topics:-

• the love of the Vrajavasis
• the importance of avoiding the ten offenses
• the sleep pattern, and how this affects chanting
• the three types of pramada raganuga-sadhana

Course Date: Sunday, May 20
Time: 3pm – 7pm
Venue: Manor Preacher’s Lounge

Japa Workshop

Tuesday, May 1st, 2012

with HH Bhaktirasamrita Swami

Join us in this inspiring experience. The Japa Workshop offers more than just some help for you to improve your practice of chanting. It aims at improving your relationship with Radha and Krishna in Their most merciful forms of the Holy Name.

What can you expect from a Japa Workshop?

  • New insights and techniques in relation to chanting the Holy Name
  • A stronger commitment to offenseless chanting of the Holy Name
  • Breakthrough experiences in chanting the Holy Name
  • The opportunity to learn how to expand the boundaries of your spiritual life so that you can have deeper and more rewarding spiritual realizations.
  • Alter bad japa habits and learn tools to improve your chanting that you can immediately apply and you will increase your attraction to chanting making your chanting more of an “l get to chant’ experience rather than “l have to chant’ chore.

In short, you can really increase your Krishna Consciousness. It is a weekend to work on one thing only: your relationship with the Holy Name!


Course Date: Sunday, May 20
Time: 9:30am – 1:30pm
Venue: Metropolitan Police Sports Ground  Aldenham Road, Bushey, Hertfordshire WD23 2TR
Course Fee: £10

Name(s) of Attendee(s)

The class size will be limited. Please make sure that you book ahead by emailing or calling 01923851010. Please note that on the day we will give priority to those who’ve booked ahead.