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The Life of Dhruva Maharaj

Thursday, March 27th, 2014

‘The Life of Dhruva Maharaj course’ due to take place at Bhaktivedanta Manor has been cancelled due to ‘unforeseen circumstances

zzz201dhruvamaharaja   OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
The Bhagavatam is replete with pastimes of inspiring personalities, but maybe none is more stirring, more moving, than that of Dhruva Maharaj. Shunned from his father’s lap by his step-mother, the ksatriya prince leaves for the forest to beg the Lord for better circumstances. His determination is second to none, and his journey to pure devotional service gives hope to us all.

This pastime from the fourth canto is packed with lessons and insights into how we can propel ourselves in life, and especially in spiritual life. It will thrill and inspire no end… real life insights, funny stories, serious lessons, these sessions will have it all.