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Diwali & Annakuta Festival Appeal

Friday, October 30th, 2015


My dear Friends & Devotees

Hare Krishna. Please accept my heartfelt best wishes and the blessings of Shree Krishna.

Just a few weeks ago, Bhaktivedanta Manor was transformed into a wonderful festival arena, to celebrate Shree Krishna Janmashtami. Thousands of devotees attended and one comment stood out for me, from Mrs Pattni of Luton, Beds. She wrote: “My experience of the festival,the darshan,watching the plays, philosophy, music, dance presentations, prasad, the immense efforts of volunteers and temple devotees- it’s just simply awesome! There is only one place to be for Janmashtami in the world for me – Hare Krishna Temple Watford.” I hope you made it too and had an enlivening spiritual experience.

Very soon, the very auspicious Kartik or Damodar month will be upon us; a month brimming with festivals including Diwali and Annakuta. Just like the Christmas and New Year sales (where one expects to bag expensive items at giveaway prices) whatever ‘seva’ one does in this period attracts blessings that are magnified a thousand times.

Friends, please try and make a simple vow, to help your spiritual progress. Your sankalpa could be to visit the temple more often, to chant Hare Krishna Mahamantra for 5 mins extra daily, to read scripture daily and to offer incense or a ghee lamp to Krishna regularly.

In appreciation of your committed friendship and generosity please find enclosed this very beautiful A6 soft magnetic blessings card. I am absolutely sure that you will be able to make some space on your fridge door or any metal surface; it will always remind you of Lord Krishna’s grace.

The Festivals of Diwali and Annakuta, will be celebrated on 8 November and 12 November respectively and I am requesting your support. It is an established tradition for ‘thalis’ plates of different sweets and savouries be made and offered to Lord Krishna for his Annakuta festival.

We desire to offer as many thalis of different sweets and savouries for Lord Krishna’s Annakuta as possible. So many of you appreciate taking this opportunity to commemorate the passing away of loved ones, or to celebrate occasions like birthdays and anniversaries.

Please sponsor as many thalis of offerings as you like and indicate clearly the names you would like to place on the thalis. I shall send some Annakuta mahaprasad to your home and the rest will be distributed to all the pilgrims throughout the day.

Thank you for taking the trouble to read this appeal. With your generosity and the blessings of Lord Krishna, it is possible for such festivities to take place at the temple.

I also appeal to you, to give some part of your day in the service of the Lord and make the practice of spiritual culture a part of your daily life. Just keep your attitude of sincere service and without doubt, Krishna will give you the intelligence to serve him nicely. You will undoubtedly experience the change in your heart and your life’s journey.

I remain your servant- if I can be of help to you, please contact me at

Happy Diwali and best wishes for the new year.

Yours in the service of Lord Krishna,

Pranabandhu das


Diwali Festival

Sunday 8th November 2015
Cultural Programme from 2pm
Grand Fireworks Display at 6.30pm

Govardhan Puja & Annakuta

Thursday 12th November 2015
Annakuta Darshan from 7.30am-7:30pm
Govardhan Puja & Go Puja from 12 noon