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Bhakti-Janani – Enlivening our Devotion

Sunday, January 17th, 2021

A fortnightly program (every Ekadashi)  for one and all!

When?  9th March, 7pm

Where? From the comfort of your own home



Over the past year, life has become filled with unexpected challenges. These challenges have come from all directions and affected our bodies, minds and lives in so many ways. When challenges come they test our wit, resilience, adaptability and beliefs. Some we are able to tackle and some we end up surrendering to. 2020 has definitely impacted our world. But there is always a silver lining to every cloud.

The scriptures say that a devotee always finds opportunities to connect with Krishna in every situation. With this in mind, Bhaktivedanta Manor is launching a new initiative called Bhakti-Janani – ‘Enlivening our devotion’.

Bhakti Janani seeks that silver lining in all circumstances.  Whether it be challenging or enlivening situations, we welcome you to send in your prayers for every scenario.  These can range from:

  • Remembering the departed
  • Seeking health and recovery
  • Celebrating an occasion like career achievements, birthdays, anniversaries, other landmark events
  • And of course general well-being

In the next approaching Ekadeshi (Bhaimi Ekadasi – Tuesday 23rd February), Bhakti Janani devotees will gather virtually and

  • Extol the Glories of Ekadashi
  • Chant Krishna’s holy names 
  • Perform Nrshimha Kavacha fire sacrifice (Yajna)

This is a wonderful opportunity to receive incredible spiritual benedictions, spiritual protection and spiritual support from Krishna’s holy names, whatever situation we find ourselves in.

Please fill in the Prayer form giving details of your prayers

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