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Krishna Eco Farm opens in Scotland

Friday, June 1st, 2012

Lesmahagow, a quiet village founded by monks in the 12th Century is now home to monks of a different order. In 1987 ISKCON devotees moved into a humble property in Lesmahagow not all that far from Glasgow. With the motto ‘simple living, high thinking’, they began to develop an ambitious program and turned the site into a state-of-the-art Eco

East Kilbride, Strathaven and Lesmahagow MP, Michael McCann, opened the Farm’ this week. Michael was guest of honour at the event, which was also attended by Margaret Morton and Susan Haughey, Deputy Lord
Lieutenants of Lanarkshire, local councillors Alec McInnes and George Greenshields and many local and national guests.

Environmentalists along with devotees from Bhaktivedanta Manor and Hindus community representatives also attended the event and saw demonstrations of various sustainable technologies including Solar Thermal Panels, Air source Heat Pumps, Wind Turbines, and Biomass Energy Centre.  The site also includes a walled garden where the monks
grow vegetables and fruits, as well as greenhouses for cultivating ceremonial flowers and a play garden for children.

The site has received a loan of £100,000 for the two turbines, funded by Energy Saving Trust Scotland, and a Scottish Government Community and Renewable Energy Scheme grant of nearly £87,000. The eco developments provide around 40% of the small community’s energy requirements.

Scots born, head of the centre Prabhupada Prana das said “In our temple we try to live simply and in harmony with nature. The technology can be used to reduce your carbon footprint, and that’s part of our philosophy. We are committed to helping people find peace, through meditation and taking care of the earth—and it’s all here at the Eco Farm”.

“It has been a rewarding day, “ added Prabhupada Prana about the official opening ceremony, “We had traditional Indian dance and cuisine blended with Scots bagpipes and banter. The level of interest in our environmental technologies and the presence of the various dignitaries has been inspiring.”

“I was extremely proud to be the guest of honour at the opening of the Krishna Eco-Farm,” said Michael McCann MP.  “The devotees live in the Lesmahagow community in the heart of my constituency in peace and harmony not only with nature but with the local community.

“The work that they have done on this Eco-Farm has many lessons for us not least of which is that with proper planning, renewable energy sources can make a valuable contribution to our communities.

“Most importantly, as a member of the International Development Select Committee the Krishna Eco-Farm project demonstrates how local communities in the developing world could benefit from this type of project.

“I thoroughly enjoyed my visit. It certainly won’t be my last because after the trials and tribulations of my work in the House of Commons and the constituency office visiting the Eco-Farm and meeting the wonderful people there was a great opportunity to stop, take a breath and enjoy an alternative style of life,” Michael concluded.

The cows’ favourite day!

Monday, March 26th, 2012

10am  April 8th (Easter Sunday)

The devotees who work on New Gokul farm would like to invite you to the cows’ favourite day of the year—the day when they are let out onto the lush green grass after a winter inside the barns. It is a great time to see the cows and bulls at their most energetic. They race around, have mock-fights, take running leaps into the air and generally go a bit crazy. It is a sight you will never forget!

The joy comes partly because they wil again graze freely the juicy and fresh grass as well as because they are no longer confined in their winter shelter.

This year the date is April 8th, Easter Sunday. The programme will start at 10am, where Sri-Sri-Radha-Krishna in their Deity forms will be taken to the farm. It is one of the few times a year Their Lordships can be seen outside the temple room. You will have to come on the day to see what other festivities we have in store…

Check out the video of last year’s “letting the cows out” here.


Potato Harvest 25th March

Thursday, March 15th, 2012

Dear Friends and Volunteers

Many of you participated in the potato harvest last season as part of National Seva Day.

Spring season is already upon us and over the last few weekends, many volunteers  have come and started planting new seeds in pots in the farm greenhouses ready for follow on planting in the fields when baby plants have matured sufficiently in pots.

To date we have planted more than 7,000 seeds in pots with our target of  20,000 in the next 4 weeks – a lot of enthusiastic help is clearly needed and most welcome. This activity is suitable for almost all ages as it is mainly in the greenhouse with pot labelling, filling pots with compost and placing one seed in each pot.

However Sunday 25th March is a special day and we need lots of helpers to plant new baby potato seedlings directly in the potato field.

A group of 60 can cover the whole field in a few hours – so more help the merrier. A warm lunch will be provided from approximately 1:30pm.
For Sunday 25th March, we will meet by the entrance to the farm near the main Temple car park for 10am.

You can email me if you plan to come. This is an ideal activity for individuals, friends and families.


As a general note. the farm welcomes help every Sundays and please feel free to join us anytime from 10am onwards. We generally break for lunch around 1:15pm.

As usual you are also welcome to spend as much time as you can spare. We welcome families friends and children (suitable from 7 years).

For groups or individuals who wish to help either on Saturdays that can be arranged too.

Please feel free to pass the email on to all who may be interested to help out.

Many thanks
Kirti Patel

Solar Panels for New Gokul

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

The cow and hay barns at the Manor’s New Gokul farm have been fitted with solar panels. It is a 50 kw system and it is expected that it will produce about 50,000 kw of electricity a year. “This is a further step towards self-sufficiency at Bhaktivedanta Manor,” explained farm manager Shyamasunder das.

“There is a government incentive to reward those who produce their own electricity. Electrical companies will be paying us for doing this.”