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Events Honouring Janakinath Das

Sunday, July 18th, 2021

Memorial event:

We warmly invite you to a celebration of the life and legacy of our dear HG Janakinath Prabhu, who spent the last 15 years selflessly serving at Bhaktivedanta Manor and put a smile on the faces of all he met. To honour him, we’ll be hosting a 3-day virtual memorial event:

Sunday 18th July, 7pm to 9pm BST- Addresses from senior devotees around the world.

Monday 19th July, 7pm to 9pm BST- Addresses from the Pandava Sena.

Tuesday 20th July, 7pm to 9pm BST – Address from the Brahmachari’s that served with HG Janakinath Prabhu.

Meeting ID: 831 9002 9529
Passcode: Radhe

If the zoom is full, please join via YouTube:

Final Rites

We invite everyone for the final rites of HG Janakinath Prabhu. This will take place on Tuesday 20th July 2021. The schedule is as follows:

(Ceremonies at Bhaktivedanta Manor)
10.00am: Circumambulation of the Temple (congregate in North Car Park)
11.00am: Final Rites (on front Lawn)

1.00pm: Cremation Ceremony

Due to restricted space and safety we request all devotees to join the Cremation ceremony online at 1.00pm:
Username: musa7640
Password: 915181

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Events Honouring His Grace Srutidharma Das

Wednesday, March 11th, 2020

It is with great sadness that we announce the departure of His Grace Srutidharma Das. He passed away on Tuesday 10th march at Bhaktivedanta Manor, the temple where he dedicated his life in devotional service. Having been diagnosed with cancer in early 2018, Srutidharma Prabhu’s condition meant he had to withdraw from active service. He then spent his time absorbed in Krishna consciousness. During this time he continued to inspire both guests and personal carers with his expressed love and deep gratitude. Without complaint he accepted his condition as the Lord’s mercy upon him, through which he might progress his inner life more deeply. In his final hours the devotees had gathered for kirtan, the temple deities Sri Sri Gaura Nitai, Sri Ram Sila, and Giri Govardhan had come to pay him a blessed visit. He received a beautiful garland brought by the head pujari and shortly thereafter he breathed his last. All glories to Srutidharma Prabhu. He spent his life selflessly serving at the holy dhama of Bhaktivedanta Manor, from which he has now departed. His passing was auspicious as was his life, in the holy place of Bhaktivedanta Manor Hare Krishna Temple.


Events Honouring His Grace Srutidharma Das


Kirtan: Congregational Chanting

Friday 13 March 7-9pm at Temple Room

Saturday 14 March 7-9pm at Sri Krishna Haveli – Bhaktivedanta Manor

Sunday 15 March 4-9pm at Sri Krishna Haveli – Bhaktivedanta Manor

 *Please note that all ceremonies are at the temple and crematorium. We request that you do not visit the family home.


Please follow Government guidelines regarding Coronavirus when visiting the Temple: