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Three new cows on the Farm

Saturday, April 30th, 2022

Members of the New Gokul team are delighted to have welcomed three new beautiful cows into the herd, arriving to the sanctuary from another farm. The decision to bring them was made with the intention of being able to supply more milk, yoghurt, paneer and other dairy-based delicacies. At New Gokul Farm they’ll live a peaceful life, full of care & love.
“They are all two years old and pregnant, due to give birth around December time.” said Jay Krishna das. “Please do come and welcome the new residents and offer your blessings!”

Letting the cows out

Friday, March 4th, 2022


9:45am – Radha Gokulananda Vihara Yatra (Deity Procession starting from the Temple Room)

10:10am – Swagata Seva (Welcoming the Deities to the Goshala)

10:15am – Navanaivedya Seva (9 bhoga offerings made with Goshala milk)

10:20am – Arati Seva

10:30am – Pravachan

10:45am – Go Mochana (Letting the cows out)

11:15am – Prasadam Seva (Refreshments)

About the celebration

‘Go Mochana Utsava‘ means ‘the festival of letting the cows out’. After a long winter stay inside the barns, the cows and oxen will be released into the fields and pastures. Their Lordships Sri Sri Radha Gokulananda will be gracing everyone with Their presence, coming all the way from Their altar just to see Their favourite cows and enjoy the spectacle of seeing them leap with joy and stretch themselves after their long winter months inside the barns.


Please contact if you have any queries

New Gokul Farm

Thursday, March 3rd, 2022

New Gokul is Bhaktivedanta Manor’s cow protection centre and organic farm, based on self sustenance, compassion, and harmony between humans, animals and the environment.

With a herd of 63 cows, bulls and oxen, modern and traditional cow care facilities and acres of pastureland, it’s a real haven for the cows! The centre is also home to an organic agricultural farm that uses sustainable and natural farming methods. These  are good for the soil, the environment and our well being.

“You learn to love them”

Ravi Ruparel lives in Northwood, northwest London and by profession is a Financial Advisor. However, at least once a week he joins other enthusiastic volunteers who put on their wellies and descend on the Manor’s New Gokul Farm.

Throughout the year, as part of groups of anything from 4 to 15 volunteers of all ages, Ravi is there.

They help clear our cow manure from the barns. Mixed with straw, it is then stored until it is taken out to the Manor’s Organic Farm where they use it a s fertilizer for the horticulture project.

Ravi collects fresh straw, then the team spreads it out to create a new layer of bedding for the cows and bulls. They also give them fresh hay to eat and top out their water tanks.

“Ever since I was young I saw pictures of Krishna with the cows, so I made that association,” Ravi explains. “But things started to happen when I went to Govardhan Eco Village in Maharastra, India. I found myself volunteering for their farm every morning. Upon my return to the UK I wanted to continue in this service.

“I began to see cows and bulls as truly sentient beings, especially given that they all have their own devotional names. I connect with them as fellow beings, there’s no barrier. You learn to love them. You can feel close to them, stroke then, love and serve them. And they reciprocate with that love!

When you’re on the farm, the fresh air is combined with the energy of being around the cows and bulls, which makes you feel more calm and compassionate. They are amazing!

“Serving the cows made me become “Ahimsa Vegan”, meaning I only drink milk from cows from farms which are slaughter free, have hand-milking and where the bulls are given meaningful work.”

Get involved

If you would like to help out in the farm please contact Jay Krishna Das: