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Diwali In London is Launched

Saturday, September 28th, 2013


On 2nd October, the Diwali in London (DIL) Committee brought some light to the pending winter with its launch event hosted by this years chair Ameet Aggarwal from The Art of Living Foundation at the Watford Langley,  for the Mayor of London’s Diwali Festival.  Organised in partnership with the DIL committee,  the huge event takes place on 27th October in London’s famous Trafalgar Square. ISKCON have been involved since the inception of the event over 12 years ago, which has now grown to a key event in the Square’s calender.

DIL launch fbook









There were over 200 influential members of the organising committee who attended the launch event alongside chief guest Mr Pritam Lal, First Secretary (Coord), High Commission of India. The launch was attended by Srutidharma Das – Temple President, Gauri Das – Executive Secretary for ISKCON and Dilip Patel – Chairman of Trustees. The evening commenced with the inaugural lighting of the peace lamp creating a solid foundation for the event taking place at the end of the month in Trafalgar Square.

Everyone is invited to come and celebrate Diwali in Trafalgar Square. The packed line-up of free entertainment includes the best contemporary music and dance from community groups and professional artists. There’ll also be stalls selling delicious food and drinks plus a range of activities for children. To find out more please visit the

Diwali 2012

Thursday, November 15th, 2012

DiwaliSunday 18th November 2012

Diwali, meaning ‘festival of lights’, is one of the most widely celebrated occasions in the year. Diwali is observed not only by Hindus but also by Buddhists, Jains and Sikhs. The central theme for Hindus is derived from the epic Ramayana, but the festival also marks the traditional New Year’s Eve.

Diwali is celebrated with elaborate firework displays, candles and lamps. Join us at Bhaktivedanta Manor for a colourful stage show with drama and traditional dance.

Cultural Programme 2:00pm – 6:30pm
Due to bad weather the Grand Fireworks Display has been cancelled.

The first Rath Yatra festival in East London

Friday, September 28th, 2012

We are pleased to announce the first Rath Yatra festival in East London!!!!!

The details are below:


Date: Sunday 7th October 2012

Procession time: 12-1pm.

Starting point: Outside Redbridge Town hall (128-142 High Rd, Ilford, 1G1 1DD, near Ilford Railway Stn). It will proceed via Cranbrook Rd to Melbourne field into Valentines Park.

The festival will continue in Melbourne Field, Valentines Park, Melbourne Rd, Ilford IG1 4SB from 1 to 5pm with stage program & prasadam.

There is help needed on the day; if you can help please contact Dharmaraja Dasa on 07595639788/ Dharmaraja.SRS@Gmail.Com


ISKCON Redbridge Celebrations

Friday, September 7th, 2012


The ISKCON Redbridge centre, which is located in east London, opened with the aim of bringing together local devotees and to give others the opportunity to learn about and practice the process of Krsna consciousness. Now it is much than a venue – it serves as the focal point of the local devotee community.

Celebrations last month started with a harinam in Ilford town centre led by Kripamoya das, who plays an advisory role for the community. The programme included a Servant of the Servant awards ceremony, which followed the theme of the Olympics with gold, silver and bronze medals being awarded. Four graduates from the Bhakti Sastri course were awarded certificates for passing the course that was at the centre as well.

Vishal Merai, chairman of the community’s leadership committee, commented “Our anniversary event allowed us to celebrate our progress to date and show our gratitude to the many people that have helped make ISKCON Redbridge a success over the last 12 months. Going forward, we will look to continue to endeavour to achieve our aim of developing ISKCON Redbridge into a community of care that empowers those that show an interest in the movement and to continually experiment so that we can remain vibrant in the ways in which we present Vedic teachings and culture in the context of modern, British society.”


ISKCON Redbridge runs various weekly activities that include a Sunday Feast class, Krishna Club for children, Bhakti Vriksha sessions, hatha yoga as well as  Bhagavad Gita, Sanskrit and harmonium classes. The community has celebrated several festivals over the last 12 months, such as Govardhan Puja, Gaura Purinma and Janmastami. The Janmastami festival attracted 170 people and the programme consisted of a talk, Krishna bhajans and a harmonium performance.

The ISKCON Redbridge community will be supported by Avanti Court Primary School, one of the latest I-Foundation schools, which is due to open its doors in September 2012 and will have almost 900 children attending when it runs at full capacity.

Providing Support at the London Olympics

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012

Two hard -working devotees took on special roles during the recent London Olympics. Indeed London 2012 was revolutionary in many ways, even from a spiritual dimension!

1) The Multi-faith Centre

One of the unique features of the Olympic site was a multi-faith centre, strategically placed in the heart of the Athletes’ Village, offering easy and ready access to anyone who felt the need to seek spiritual guidance.

Sachi Kishore das served as one of the chaplains at the centre, taking on a range of responsibilities such as facilitating a puja ceremony on the day of Janmastami. He also provided pastoral care to those who visited, and administered yoga and meditation sessions, instilling inner stability and strength in the athletes.  He also met with support coaches, staff and volunteers.

“The multi-faith centre was in my opinion one of the vital aspects of London 2012,” Sachi Kishore das explained. “It offered a haven where anyone was welcome to come and meditate or read from scriptures. For me, this added a much needed spiritual touch to the Olympics, making the Games truly complete”.

The day the Indian Team was welcomed into the Olympic Village. On Saci Kishore’s right is a Christian Chaplain and a coach from the Indian team.


2) Manor Festival Chair joins Olympic Committee

Ajay Kumar, the Chair of Bhaktivedanta Manor’s Festival Committee, due to his previous experience was accepted on the London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

“My interest in Event Management began when I started volunteering my time and energy for the Manor festivals,” Ajay explained. “As a member of Bhaktivedanta Manor’s community it is difficult to appreciate the high quality of festivals we provide. We take it for granted the sacrifice many devotees give to ensure that thousands of pilgrims receive a great experience. What we do at the Manor is inspiring, magnificent and magical and I hope that some of my previous experience helped make London 2012 the success that it was.”