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Volunteering at London 2012

Saturday, October 20th, 2012

Ajay Kumar and Sacikishore das were not the only Manor devotees to volunteer for the London Olympics. Arti Patel, a festival volunteer, was a ‘Games Maker’.

“My journey as a Games Maker began as soon as London was awarded the privilege to host the 2012 Games, “ Arti explained., “I thought there is no way the Olympics is coming to my country without me being involved! I have always loved watching athletics and the atmosphere in London during the Olympics would be too good to miss.

“In summer 2010 I started to get emails telling me that the volunteer selection process was about to begin. I sent in my application in September in which 250,000 people applied, so the wait was quite a long one! Since then I was taken through numerous selection and interview processes and in January 2012 I was offered the role “Event Services Team – Stadium Member-” for the Paralympic Games.

“My role was to welcome folk to the Stadium, get them seated and answer any questions.  So I could be placed anywhere helping anyone in the venue, from the mobility bus through to the VIP seating area, or I could be simply inspecting accreditation passes at a door.

“As soon as doors opened; it was a bit of a euphoria overload with the crowd joining in and sharing the emotion of the athletes’ performances – super success or downright disappointment.

“Nothing could prepare me for going on-site when the Games were in full swing. It certainly exceeded my expectations – the noise, the sheer number of people, the smiles, the camaraderie – even my fellow Games Makers getting the last train at 1am train were friendly and welcoming. The armed forces and the Metropolitan Police were fantastic.

“I have never experienced being part of a team with such a large number of people in which the energy was brilliant from day one, no one knew everything so using common sense and improvisation were required, but all the teams (paid staff and volunteers) came together around a common mission – simply make the Games as great as possible for everyone involved. I spent a glorious 7 days inside the Stadium so got to see a lot of the initial heats and just had the best time with new friends, watching amazing athletes and the great British public. It is genuinely like utopian bubble in East London!”