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Sacred Union – The Art of Relationships

Friday, June 6th, 2014

– with Mahatma das (ACBSP)


Marriage is an ashram.

It is important to make it successful.

Do we need a workshop to help our marriages? If you are married, if you plan to marry, or even if you don’t plan to marry but will be instructing married couples, the answer is a resounding yes.

Married life is an asrama and Prabhupada wanted us to make it successful. To be successful in your service and sadhana and not in your asrama is a paradox.

What does it mean to be successful in the grhastha asrama? Of course, success means becoming Krsna conscious, but there are many factors that contribute to a Krsna conscious marriage. One of the most important is to, as Prabhupada said, “Live peacefully.”

To live peacefully we need to know how to make our partners happy.

Many of us are confused about household life. To make matters worse, we tend to act as husbands and wives more according to our conditioned natures than according to the guidance of sastra. Plus, it is common for devotees to misunderstand the roles of wife and husband as taught in our scriptures. To top this off, many of us, even though we have been married for years, don’t deeply understand the psychology of our spouses and thus continue to make mistakes in our relationship.

But good marriages are extremely important for our spiritual life. If home life is disturbed, it disturbs our spiritual life. And if we can’t learn to serve our families well, what is the meaning of being servants? If we fail in our family life and succeed in our service, then we have only succeeded by failing.

Furthermore, this course is relevant not only to those in household life. The principles discussed here are universal and will be relevant for all relationships.

If you plan to marry, or are newly married, consider this workshop as mandatory for you. In other words, you owe it to your spouse or partner to take this course. It is only an investment of a weekend, but it will make a huge difference in your life. So please come along to this transformational weekend – your relationships will never be the same!

There are laws that create good relationships.

You owe it to your spouse to learn them.

Date: Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th July 2014
Time: 10am – 5.30pm (both days)
Venue: Bhaktivedanta Manor
Course Fee: £50

You can sign up to this course by following the Paypal link below, or at the Manor reception. You will then receive e-mail confirmation of your place on the course.

For more information, please email or call 07539314457.

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Japa Retreat

Thursday, April 18th, 2013

with Mahatma Das

One year, after Srila Prabhupada read the resolutions of the annual GBC meeting in Mayapur, he asked, “But did you discuss how to improve the chanting of Hare Krsna?”


Why a Japa Workshop?

We all know we can chant better rounds. For most of us, “normal” japa is not as good as we know it could be – or as good as it should be. The Japa Workshop was developed to deal with this reality. It is a weekend to work on one thing only: your relationship with the Holy Name.

One of the objectives of the workshop is to alter bad japa habits. We offer you tools – the good habits – that will make it easier and more natural to chant better rounds. These tools will also help you continue improving your japa long after the workshop is over. The reality is that bad japa habits can stay with us for life if we don’t deal with them. In other words, bad chanting tends to produce more bad chanting unless we do something about it.

What Can You Expect?
Participants commonly report that they:

  • Discover where their chanting is most deficient and work on those areas;
  • Experience an increased and more spontaneous taste for chanting;
  • Gain new tools and techniques that immediately improve their chanting;
  • Feel Krsna’s presence more fully in His Names;
  • Develop deep and honest relationships with other participants.
  • Take their japa more seriously after the workshop

Another thing you can expect is to be more Krsna conscious. Chanting quality rounds makes a big difference in your spiritual life.

The goals of the workshop are:

  • To learn and apply techniques and attitudes in your daily japa that enable you to become more absorbed in your chanting.
  • To gain a greater taste for chanting so that japa becomes what you want to do rather than what you have to do.
  • To have deeper and more profound experiences with the holy name on a consistent basis.
  • To gain a greater appreciation for the holy name and its central importance in the practice of bhakti.
  • To experience that “there is nothing but the holy name in all the fourteen worlds.”
  • To organize your life and priorities in a way that supports good japa.
  • To create a mindset (and thus a habit) of consistently improving your japa throughout your life.

Practical Details:

  • Fri 14th June: 7pm – 9pm. Dinner prasadam will be served at 6pm.
  • Sat 15th June: 10am – 5.30pm. Includes lunch and dinner prasadam.
  • Sun 16th June: 10am – 5.30pm. Includes lunch prasadam.
  • Please note that it is essential to attend the entire retreat in order to get the most out of it

Venue: Theatre, Bhaktivedanta Manor
What to Bring: A commitment to improve your japa and your bead bag.
Course Fee: £70
Registration: Online (below) or at reception
Contact: / 07539314457 for more information

Name(s) of Attendee(s)

Why such a long time?
The workshop is a complete course and each section builds upon the previous section. Missing parts of the workshop would be like trying to study algebra with a primary school understanding of math. When devotees only attend parts of the workshop they miss out on the benefit the workshop offers.  To change deeply rooted poor japa habits doesn’t happen in a few hours. At least one weekend is required.

What is the price I must pay every morning to chant good rounds: focus, intention, effort, controlling my mind, being present with the holy names, prayer, and absorption. One needs to pay this price daily.

Many of us act like it’s too much trouble, work, or effort to significantly improve our japa. The willingness to dedicate an entire weekend to improving japa is the exact attitude needed for consistently improving one’s japa throughout life. We should see the Japa Weekend as a rare and fortunate opportunity to improve our japa. Additionally, we should see it as necessary to take our japa to a higher level, a level we may otherwise not achieve for many years.

The workshop provides a special opportunity to both evaluate your japa and learn from others how to improve. You will get many new realizations about the holy name and become inspired to make japa more of a priority in your life.

The Japa Weekend is a place where you will make breakthroughs in your japa.

Some testimonials
“A thoroughly motivating weekend. A turning point in my devotional life.” [Madhuri Devi Dasi, Toronto]

“I wish I had learned what you gave me years ago so I could have been doing better justice to Krsna’s names.” [Prema, Mumbai]

“This workshop gave me profound inspiration and optimism.” [Praharana Devi Dasi]

 A letter from Mahatma Prabhu to you

A letter about the retreat