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Vacancy: Director of New Gokul Farm

Tuesday, May 4th, 2021

Applications closed


Need for visionary leadership!

Hare Krishna, at the Manor we are very proud of our incredible farm and goshala project that we have been managing and maintaining for many years now. Our farm is affectionately named New Gokul, and it has served as a loving home for our beloved cows as well as giving joy, knowledge, and inspiration to hundreds of people every day. And yet, it’s evident that there’s still so much potential to New Gokul that we haven’t tapped into and so many innovative ways it can serve the community and beyond.

We are looking for an inspired, individual who’ll expand on the vibrancy of New Gokul and help create an immersive atmosphere of devotion as exemplified by Srila Prabhupada for devotees, staff, volunteers, and visitors. This requires visionary leadership, amalgamating ancient spiritual practices with a harmonious, holistic, natural way of living based on a universal spirituality rooted in the traditions of bhakti yoga based on the teachings of Srila Prabhupada. There is a great opportunity here to develop New Gokul into a national centre for excellence in sustainability and animal welfare and based on exemplary Krishna conscious leadership and a culture of care and personalism.

Exhilarating new responsibilities!

As the director of New Gokul, you’ll be representing New Gokul and ISKCON’s philosophy of cow protection and sustainable living to government departments, agencies, and relevant external and internal bodies. Not to mention working with Bhaktivedanta Manor ‘s departments to ensure a seamless visitor experience as well as attending to the needs of the devotees, staff, volunteers, and visitors. You’ll be personally meeting and greeting Senior devotees and VIPs and ensuring their appropriate care.

You’ll help to make sure that New Gokul thrives and prospers as a centre for Vaishnava agrarian practice, education and training and organise, promote, and expand some wonderful ceremonies and functions throughout the year like letting the cows out in spring and Govardhan Puja in autumn. There’ll be opportunities to devise practical business plans involving sustainability, chemical-free natural farming and dairy production and of course maintaining publications that will educate and inspire people about New Gokul.

You’ll ensure the milk needs of our beloved Deities are taken care of will be spearheading an innovative waste removal and composting program. And of course, you’ll be making sure our much loved cows, bulls and the land is protected, preserved all within a sanctified, Krishna conscious environment.

Qualities required?

This is an exciting and stimulating position that requires you to be exemplary in behaviour and loyal to Srila Prabhupada’s mission. The position requires visionary and managerial capabilities and the ability to achieve goals under deadlines. And of course, it’s essential to have an approachable, accessible, and collaborative mood.

If you are up for the challenge get in touch by 25th May. Contact –