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Rama Navami

Monday, April 5th, 2021

Join us at Bhaktivedanta Manor, to get the association of Lord Rama.

In adherence with government guidelines, this year’s festivities will be  focusing on giving everyone the opportunity for darshan of the Lord and prasad, the rest of the festivities will be online. To ensure a safe darshan experience, we have a ticketed entry system for which you will need to prebook online for free.

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If you need help with booking or are having issues or queries, contact us.

Online Programme Sunday 25th

Time Performance
14:00 Welcome – Kishori & Radha Govinda
14:15 Introduction
14:20 Bharatha Natyam by Nataraj Fine Arts Students
14:30 Kirtan – Bhaktivedanta Manor Youth
15:10 Kirtan – Pandava Sena 
15:30 School of Bhakti Debate
17:00 Bhaktivendanta Players – Ramayan Drama
17:40 Inside the Manor Goshalla – Cow Protection
17:55 Manorma – Dance by Nikita Joshi
18:05 Vishaka Devi Dasi – Temple President
18:15 Kirtan London & Gaura Arati at 7pm



“Lord Rama’s devoted monkey warriors”

Please view this beautiful short video made by devotees at Bhaktivedanta Manor.

A lesson from the Ramayan: Strength achieved by transcendence and strength achieved by one’s own endeavour produce different results. Lord Rama’s army of ‘monkeys’ were deeply devoted to Him, thus they were victorious against the sinful Ravana and his well-equipped armies. Today our war is largely an ‘internal’ one. With devotion as our weapon, we must try to overcome the negative qualities as represented by Ravana’s ten heads.


Tuesday, April 9th, 2019

Ramanavami will be celebrated at Bhaktivedanta Manor on
Sunday 14th of April 2019.

The  Ramanavami  celebration observes the birth of Lord Rama, and is one of the most auspicious days in the Vaisnava calendar.  Lord Rama is an incarnation of the Supreme Lord who appeared on this earth several millennia ago.

At Bhaktivedanta Manor, celebrations for Ramanavami include special decorations, drama, discussion of Lord Rama’s pastimes and a harinama chanting procession in a local town.  It is a popular occasion, as Lord Rama is very dear to many devotees.  During His activities while on Earth, Lord Rama demonstrated high moral values and acted as the perfect son, student, brother, husband and King.  His extraordinary adventure is marvellously depicted  in the famous epic The Ramayana.

Highlights on the day

2:00pm- Traditional dance & music performances on stage

4:30pm –  Palanquin Procession – Deities come out to see everyone. 

6:00pm – The Ramayana Drama by the Bhaktivedanta Players

7:00pm – Free Prasadam (food) for everyone

Darshan is available all day from 12:30 pm onwards.

Festival Finishes by 8:00 pm